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Research centres and labs

Research centres

  • Close up of fabric being cut
    Image by Guillaume Valli

    Centre for Sustainable Fashion

    Centre for Sustainable Fashion explores the field of Design for Sustainability and its application to fashion as both artistic and business practice.

  • Mannequins in a row
    The Vulgar exhibition, Belvedere Museum Vienna, Himmelpfortgasse. @University of the Arts London

    Centre for Fashion Curation

    The Centre for Fashion Curation challenges and develops theory and practices by demonstrating rigorous, innovative and experimental work within this increasingly popular and diverse discipline.

Research labs

  • Mannequin hand peaking out of black sand
    The Internet for Fashion Things. @University of Arts London

    Digital Anthropology lab  

    The Digital Anthropology Lab is dedicated to making smarter with technology for a better human experience.

  • 3 male street dancers doing a performance on the subway
    Image by Harrison Boyce, House of Marley

    Performing Dress lab

    The Performing Dress lab provides a platform to convene, debate and develop existing and future research studies and activities on the ‘dressed’ body in performance in its varied forms of expression.