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Serkan Delice

Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Historical Studies
Serkan  Delice


Relevant publications

Delice, Serkan (2019) 'Thrown Away Like a Piece of Cloth': Fashion Production and the European Refugee Crisis' in Fashion & Politics (ed. Dr Djurdja Bartlett) New Haven and London: Yale University Press, pp. 197-215.

Almila, Anna-mari & Delice, Serkan (eds.) (forthcoming) Fashion's Transnational Inequalities: Socio-political, economic, environmental. London & New York: Routledge.

Delice, Serkan (2022) 'The Empire’s New Clothes: Representations of Arab women in contemporary fashion journalism' in Fashion Theory:  The Journal of Dress, Body and Culture 'Fashion and Transnationality Special Issue' (ed. Dr Djurdja Bartlett).

Delice, Serkan (forthcoming) 'Appropriation, Viscerality, and Historicism' in Critical Theory Fashion (ed. Dr Marco Pecorari) Durham: Duke University Press.

Delice, Serkan (forthcoming) 'Fashion and Decolonisation: A study of Achille Mbembe' in Thinking Through Fashion A Guide to Key Theorists 2nd edition (eds. Prof Agnes Rocamora and Prof Anneke Smelik). London: Bloomsbury Publishing.


Better Lives, Fashion Cultures and Histories, Critical Issues in Fashion Research, Dissertations, PhD supervision

Research interests

Fashion and immigration/refugee movements and labour; fashion production; neoliberalism and transnational inequalities; 'race' and cultural appropriation; and consumer culture.

Relevant conferences / symposia

Delice, Serkan (2021) 'Fashion and its refugees: towards a transnational worker solidarity and labour citizenship', What is Radical about Cultural Studies Now? Fashion, Culture and Politics in the Age of the Anthropocene, 11 - 12 June 2021, London College of Fashion.

Delice, Serkan (2021) 'Refugees as a Reserve Army of Labour: neoliberalism and the limits of fashion ethics', Reflecting on Refugee Experience, CHS Online Research Seminar Series, 23 March 2021, London College of Fashion.

Delice, Serkan (2021) 'The Empire’s New Clothes: racial capitalism and the limitations of decolonisation', Cultural Urgencies: Decentring Fashion, Roundtable Discussion organised by the UAL Decolonising Arts Institute, 2 March 2021, University of the Arts London.

Delice, Serkan (2020) 'Fashion production and the European Refugee Crisis', Fashion and Politics, Panel Discussion organised by Bookmarks: the socialist bookshop, 30 January 2020.

Delice, Serkan (2019) 'Cultural Appropriation: Fashion, Race, and the Limits of Critique', Being the Other – Orientalizing, Self-Orientalizing and Deconstruction, Workshop organised by Institut für Orientalistik, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, 25-26 July 2019.

Delice, Serkan (2019) 'Cultural appropriation in translation: fashion, race and the limits of critique', A la Mexicana: An encounter of Mexican fashion and artisan techniques: Cultural appropriation panel discussion, organised by UAL London College of Fashion MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation students in collaboration with the Mexican fashion blog Hilando Historias, NGO Impacto and the Mexican Embassy, 3 July 2019, J/M Gallery, London.

Delice, Serkan (2018) 'Fashion and Emotions in the Age of Neoliberal Capitalism', New Borders, New Boundaries: Fashion in a Shifting World, 17 March 2018, Calvert 22 Space.

Delice, Serkan (2018) 'Fashion and its refugees: labour, ethics and activism in neoliberal times', Symposium: Feminist Visual Activism, 10 July 2018, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London.

Delice, Serkan (2018) 'Cultural appropriation in translation: fashion, race, and the limits of critique',  EFHA International Conference 2018 Europe and Fashion: Questioning Identities and Cultures, 8–9 November 2018, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.


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