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Alina Zamanova

London College of Fashion
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Alina  Zamanova


Alina is an LCF alumna from BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration and a freelance Artist and a Fashion Illustrator, working on projects under her brand ALINA ZAMANOVA.


Could you introduce yourself and what you are doing now.

I am from Ukraine and graduated from London College of Fashion two years ago. BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration helped me to realise what my career pathway should be. I am now a full-time freelance Artist and a Fashion Illustrator. I work under my brand ALINA ZAMANOVA and love to be as free as possible in making my art. I make loads of creative stuff like illustrations, paintings that sells on Saatchi Art, Art performances with my Artwear collections that are presented on Fashion Weeks, art books, paintings and many other things. I feel that being open-minded, creative and free in my art is the most exciting thing.

You studied Fashion Illustration. How did you find the course?

I came from Ukraine to study at LCF, and was doing theFoundation degree, and there they introduced me to the Fashion Illustration course. Basically I loved to illustrate and being involved in fashion somehow, it felt like the perfect combination to go on to do this course where I could combine both things. The coolest thing is that on the course there were so many directions to go, that can open your talent. Either its making books, or animation, or mixed media photography with illustrations, or life drawing from the fashion shows.

Why did you choose to study at LCF?

I think LCF chose me. As soon as I realised that I wanted to combine fashion and art, I could not resist the opportunity to go to LCF.

Talk us through your average day for you, now.

I have finally found myself an art studio where I spend most of my day, working on personal projects and commissions. I love having a lot of space , where I feel freedom to experiment with new materials and come up with new exciting projects. If the project involves other people, I love inviting them to my art space, paint and then photograph them for my handmade photo wall. In the evenings I walk my baby puppy outside for a few hours before going to bed, and it gives me some time to clear my head from working mode.

Where do you get most of your inspiration from?

I love to watch documentary movies about artists, which gives me this sense, as if I were present during their lifetime. Then I research more in-depth into their career path and work. At the moment, I am focused on Picasso and Matisse's work.

You can apply illustration to a number of fields within the industry. Were you aware of this when you started the course?

The course taught us to experiment and YES apply it to different fields. I feel extremely grateful for this!

Can you sum up the kind of opportunities LCF presents?

First of all, it was the most exciting part of my life, as I met so many creative people in ONE place, and we made so much work together, that just inspired me for the rest of my career. During the course, I had a chance to intern at Alexander McQueen and without LCF, come on, that would never ever have happened. Being an international student can be tough, as you have to work very hard because your visa will expire some day. I did every day and enjoyed every minute being taught by such cool tutors.

What advice would you give to future students?

Make mistakes and don't be afraid to experiment. Oh, and please, draw every day! Every day!


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