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Millinery (3 credits)

This unit will not run in 2023.

The art of millinery is manipulation of material, form, balance, proportion, line and structure. Headwear is wearable sculpture. It can be a single feather, a leather bow, a piece of twisted plastic or abstract objects on a band. Hat making itself is steaming, twisting, cutting, curling and sculpting materials. The art is in making all these crucial elements work together.

In this unit you will create two pieces of headwear, one traditional and one fantastical.

Millinery is having a revival. It’s not just about the ‘hat’. It’s about the feeling that comes with it. As fashion becomes more commercial we look for the ‘unique’ and the ‘extraordinary’.

You will be provided with an opportunity to acquire core making skills with which to explore and expand the usual perception of millinery. You will be encouraged to develop a passion for experimentation and finding creative solutions to design problems. This, combined with inspiration from personal visual research, will bring to life your unique three-dimensional ideas.

The creative journey through this unit is underpinned by access to traditional techniques. Topics covered will include blocking and hand sewing techniques, sculpting methods, fabric manipulation, dyeing techniques, working with feathers (trimming, cutting, curling and twisting), applying veiling & crin, wire work, applying prongs & elastics.

Suitable for students with hand sewing skills.

Millinery would be complimented by the following units:

This unit will not run in 2023.

Unit: Elective
Credit value: 3
Class hours: 30
Non-class hours: 30
Level:  All levels
Tutor:Ian Bennett
Materials: A basic sewing kit comprising of: fine dressmakers pins, hand sewing needles – size 7 / 8 / 9, a pair of multipurpose scissors, tape measure (metric AND imperial), tailors chalk pencil (any colour), a thimble, a scalpel & blades, a sketchbook, pencil, an eraser, thread, petersham ribbons (tutor will advise).

Students will be provided with: A quantity of sinamay & a small quantity of other basic millinery materials.