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Garment Technology and Ethics (2 credits)

Garment Technology and Ethics

Technical innovation and ethical concerns are forcing changes across all fashion industry market levels. These are both distinct drivers of change in their own right but are often thought of as mutually reliant because they work so successfully as mutual influencers.

In this unit you will be introduced to the role of a garment technologist in the development of fashion products and how they work with the supply chain in collaboration with the design and buying teams.

This course takes a fresh look at the traditional skills of garment technology by responding to the ethical and environmental concerns of the modern fashion industry.

The complete production process will be studied starting with the sketch and progressing from material selection and sampling through to getting the right fit and quality before manufacture. In addition, you will be introduced to the concept of an ethical approach to manufacture at each stage of production. This covers traceability and environmental considerations, as well as workers’ rights.

Using industry case studies you will gain an insight into current fashion business models and also learn about new technology and innovations that are set to influence the fashion industry in the future.

This course is complimentary to the Buying & Product Development option, deepening your understanding of fashion product manufacture from a technical perspective.