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London College of Fashion

Fashion Speed Sketching (1 credit)

Speed sketching is a valuable skill used across the fashion industry. There is something seductively engaging about seeing an idea defined through a sketch. From competitive shopping and design research (useful to designers and buyers), to catwalk reporting (useful to journalists, stylists and bloggers) this technique enables one to make visual notes at times when photography may be impractical or prohibited. It would be misleading to describe speed sketching as merely the ability to draw fast. It is better defined as a combination of editing visual information to the essence of the subject and using intuitive mark making to capture it.

In this unit you will be introduced to ‘speed’ drawing techniques for garments and accessories.

This is a fast paced and dynamic course where you will have the opportunity to acquire the ability to select, record and communicate key visual design information through sketching.

The technique will improve your memory of what you see and increase your understanding of proportion, design detail, the visual properties of fabric, and garment construction.

This class is about creative visual note taking rather than ‘learning how to draw’. Some sketching ability is required which will strengthen as you learn how to see what’s in front of you.

Part of the unit takes place on location allowing you to practice your evolving skills in a live setting.

Suitable for complete beginners.

Fashion Speed Sketching would compliment the following units:

  • Buying and Product Development (4 Credits)
  • Fashion Styling (3 Credits)
  • Trend Forecasting (2 Credits)