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Essential coronavirus info
We can’t wait to welcome our new and returning students from 19 October 2020. Your safety is our first priority.

Application Information & Form

Application guidance

Please read our Terms and Conditions before beginning your application. You will need to upload the following documents to complete your application:

  • A passport sized photograph
  • A copy of the picture page in your passport
  • Transcripts of educational attainments at secondary school level and beyond (with English translations)
  • One written reference, signed and on headed paper (academic or current/past employers)
  • Please ask your Study Abroad advisor about the process for requesting academic credit for their Study Abroad experience at London College of Fashion. Credits will be awarded directly by your home institution.

Personal statement

You will be asked to explain in 500 words why you are applying for this programme.

Why London College of Fashion? Why this programme? Why at this point in your life? Who are you now, how would you like to be at the end of your studies with us?

Portfolio guidance

Fashion Design Semester

5 pieces of your best work. This can be elements from your sketchbook, final presentation sheets, photography of things you have made. These images should be a selection of work which represents your skills and ability.

Styling Summer School

5 photographs which you have personally styled. These can be still life or fashion. These images should be a selection of work which you feel represents your skills and ability.

Footwear Summer School

5 drawings of shoes. These can be in any medium and should represent your drawing ability.

Fashion Design Summer School

5 pieces of your best work. One of these needs to be a photograph of something you have made, the others needs to be drawings, sketches or illustrations. These images should be a selection of work which represents your skills and ability.

If your application is successful a letter of provisional acceptance, an acceptance offer form and payment instructions will be forwarded to you by email. Your unconditional offer letter will be forwarded once you have returned your acceptance offer form and settled your deposit.

Further information (including eligibility & language requirements).