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Voices of Fashion Business School

Fashion Talks

The Fashion Business School at London College of Fashion hold regular talks with industry professionals, giving valuable insights into varying aspects of fashion business.

An insight into how data is informing business decisions across H&M

In this talk we are joined by Marco Trincavelli, Principal Data Scientist at H&MxAI, who shares insights into how data is being used across H&M Group to inform business decisions and improve business performance.

New Cotton Project - Redesigning the value in waste

Ellie Savage, the Innovation Project Manager from Fashion for Good chairs a roundtable discussion giving insights into the initial stages of the EU Horizon 2020 funded 'New Cotton Project' that aims to contribute to a circular economy in which textiles are reused, recycled or regenerated into new garments.

Old Ways Won't Open New Doors

Covid-19 and Brexit has had a huge impact on the supply chain, magnifying some of the flaws in the traditional fashion business model. In this talk we are joined by Annika Howse, Founder of Altrubi who has extensive experience working across supply chains.

Fashion Revolution and the Truth Behind the Fashion Industry

In this talk we are joined by Orsola de Castro, founder and creative director of Fashion Revolution. Fashion Revolution is the world's largest fashion activism group and acts as the voice of people working in the fashion industry across 92 different countries.

Insights into the Merchandising Strategies Adopted by PVH brands, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein during the Pandemic

In this talk we are joined by Freya Vermander, Senior Retail Merchandiser chez PVH Corp. Freya outlines the strategies implemented across the business to alleviate the challenges faced in managing stock across Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein full price stores, when Covid restrictions forced non-essential stores to close.

How implementing Product Lifecycle Management can Present Resilience and Opportunity for Fashion Retailers

In this talk we are joined by Nate Fleming, Chief Marketing Officer at Bamboo Rose. Bamboo Rose is the industry-leading Multi-Enterprise Product and Supply Chain Platform, connecting the entire retail community and helping companies to discover, develop, and deliver products at digital speed.

The Retail Revolution: the Change from the Classical Brand/Retail Model to the 'New Generation" Omni-Channel Model

In this talk we are joined by Mark Pilkington, experienced retail chief executive and strategy consultant, who has a wealth of fashion retail experience.  Mark focuses on the shift in retail away from the classical retail model towards what he refers to as the 'New Generation' retail model, a shift that has been happening for several years but has been hugely accelerated by the outbreak of Covid.

How Covid restrictions helped fast-fashion streetwear brand NIGHT-ADDICT double its revenue

In this talk we are joined by Rohil Kumar, alumnus of London College of Fashion and founder of Night Addict. Despite the lockdown restrictions imposed by the UK government, resulting in Night Addict's wholesale orders being cancelled in March 2020, Night Addict has seen their business grow in lockdown.

Pantone: a physical resource in a digital world

In this talk we are joined by Tannese Williams, Product Manager Pantone for Fashion Home & Interiors who will outline how Pantone adapted their physical resource to a digital resource as fashion businesses shifted to remote working during the pandemic.

Fashion Business School podcasts

Final Major Projects 2021

Stine Hedegaard and Hannah Middleton interview final year students at Fashion Business School to discover the focus of their final major projects.

All Fashion Business School students are required to complete a final major project in their final year, which can take two forms: either a detailed research into a fashion business topic of their choice (also known as a dissertation) or the completion of an enterprise business plan.

Tony Glenville in conversation

Fashion Business reports


Fashion Business reports: 2020

Written by Tony Glenville
Published date 30 December 2020