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Postgraduate Shows 2019

Future-facing designers, makers, thinkers and innovators

See LCC Postgraduate Shows

Explore work from our graduating cohort of future-facing designers, thinkers, artists and innovators as they show off the results of their postgraduate studies with us at LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019.

These students are the next generation of leading creatives, exhibiting an array of work that pushes the boundaries of the always-evolving design, media and screen industries.

Show 1: Media

Thursday 14 – Saturday 16 November 2019
Launch night: Wednesday 13 November 2019

Media School courses exhibiting:

MA Advertising
MA Arts and Lifestyle Journalism
MA Photography
MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography
MA Publishing

Show 2: Design and Screen

Thursday 5 – Saturday 7 December 2019
Launch night: Wednesday 4 December 2019

Design School courses exhibiting:

MA Data Visualisation
MA Design for Art Direction
MA Design Management
MA Graphic Branding and Identity
MA Graphic Media Design
MA Illustration and Visual Media
MA Interaction Design Communication
MA Service Design
MA User Experience Design

Screen School courses exhibiting: 

MA 3D Computer Animation
MA Animation
MA Documentary Film
MA Film
MA Games Design
MA Screenwriting
MA Sound Arts
MA Television
MA Virtual Reality
MA Visual Effects