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London College of Communication

Sound Arts and Design

At London College of Communication, you will have access to a range of resources, studios and workspaces that support Sound Arts and Design practices.

Performance Laboratory

The Performance Laboratory is the main teaching space for BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design and MA Sound Arts. The AV resources include:

  • Mac Quad Xeon.
  • Genelec.
  • Alesis and Tannoy loudspeakers for monitoring sound.
  • Pro Tools.
  • Logic software and Ableton Live.
  • Avid Digidesign HDIO interface.
  • Multiple Loudspeaker Diffusion.
  • 24 Channel 8 Group analogue mixer.

Composition Studio

This is an acoustically treated and soundproofed control room where you can use your own laptop, the space is equipped with:

  • Multiple loudspeaker diffusion preview.
  • Quality mix down.
  • Monitoring.
  • Multitrack recording and mastering.

You'll have access to Yamaha 02R96 Digital Mixer, Avid Digidesign HDIO interface, Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton Live software, Eventide SFX and Mackie THX, Alesis and Tannoy loudspeakers for monitoring.

Live Room/Foley Booth

This area has the highest specification of both acoustic treatment and acoustic isolation. You'll have access to:

  • Four Foley (post sync sound effects).
  • Floor traps and tie lines to/from the two adjacent control rooms.
  • Audio Post and Composition Studio.

Small Sound Room

This space is fully equipped with:

  • Macs and a 5.1 Surround Sound facility.
  • Avid Digidesign HDIO interface.
  • Focusrite Control surface and Pro Tools.
  • Logic and Ableton Live software.

Large Sound Room

In this room you'll have access to:

  • High-end Mac sound workstations with Pro Tools.
  • Logic and Ableton Live software.
  • A range of midi controllers.

MA Sound Arts Base Room

This space also has specialist Macs and offers A/V support for presentations, lectures, visiting tutors and visiting practitioners.

A student working on Pro Tools in the Large Sound Room.
The Small Sound Room.
An electronic drum-kit set up in the Live Room/Foley Booth.
A group of students working collaboratively in the Performance Lab.
A workstation in the Large Sound Room.

Please note: Resources may require inductions before allowing access and are prioritised for certain courses.

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