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Prototype and Code

The Prototyping Lab is a multi-purpose space that supports students in creative code and physical computing.

At LCC we take a hands-on approach to computing, so you get to spend your time prototyping, building circuits, soldering, writing code and making structures for sensors and controls.

Specialist Subjects

  • Physical Computing: electronics and microcontrollers, e.g. Arduino, Particle Photon and Bare Conductive
  • Creative Coding: multiple programming languages and platforms including Processing, Node.js and Max
  • Projection Mapping: MadMapper

Specialist Hardware

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Sensors: light, touch, distance, movement
  • Lights: LEDs, NeoPixels, DMX
  • Motors: servos, steppers and DC motors
  • Wireless: Bluetooth, XBee, RFID, Wi-Fi and GSM
  • Motion tracking: eye tracking, Kinect, Leap Motion, Wiimote and OpenCV

Technical Coordinator for Prototype, Image and Code, Adam Corrie, introduces the Prototyping Lab at LCC.

A student working in the Prototype and Code area.
A selection of tools in the Prototype and Code area.
The 3D Printer.
A rack of multi-coloured wire rolls.

Please note: Resources may require inductions before allowing access and are prioritised for certain courses.

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