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Creative Technology Lab

The Creative Technology Lab supports emerging technology projects that involve programming, electronics and the experimental use of AV equipment, through one-to-one support, sign-up workshops and a large store of equipment.

This area is project-led, which means students learn by doing with a team of specialist technicians to support them in each of our specialist areas: Creative Coding, Physical Computing, Projection Mapping, Games, and Virtual Reality.

The technical team supports students in breaking down their initial ideas, identifying what skills they need to learn, suggesting how to get started, and then provide support in troubleshooting projects and debugging code.

Specialist Areas

The Creative Technology Lab supports students across the following areas:

Creative Coding

The use of computer programming in a creative arts context. Creative coding often entails using scripting and programming languages such as JavaScript, C, C#, C++, Objective-C, Swift, and Java. Students also use visual programming tools like Max, Pure Data, VVVV and Touch Designer.

Physical Computing

The use of electronics in a creative arts context. Physical computing is a way to create compelling tangible user interfaces, and physically change the world using motors and lights. A variety of tools are used to do this depending on the intended application, such as Arduino, Particle Photon, Raspberry Pi, and BBC Micro:bit.

Projection Mapping

Using software like MadMapper, HeavyM and ofxPiMapper among many others. These tools allow you to warp and mask video content to fit multiple 3D surfaces to give the impression the image is on the surface of the object.

Virtual Reality and Games

Both areas use game engines like Unity and Unreal in their development. This software and programming toolchain allows you to create virtual environments that can be explored using a variety of interfaces from a mobile device, to a virtual reality headset, or a games console or desktop computer.

Please note: Resources may require inductions before allowing access and are prioritised for certain courses.

Specialist hardware

The Creative Technology Lab has a variety of equipment available to loan to students for projects and exhibitions. Students have access to:

Creative Coding

  • Tracking
  • HD/4K webcams
  • Audio interfaces
  • ArtNet lighting interfaces
  • RFID

Physical Computing

  • Arduino kits
  • Raspberry Pi's
  • Particle Photon and Electron
  • Sensors
  • Wireless Communication
  • Actuators
  • Lighting

Projection Mapping

  • MadMapper licenses
  • Variety of projectors from 750lm pico to 5,500lm HD installation projectors

Virtual Reality and Games

  • HTC Vive Pro Wireless Headsets
  • Room scale VR booths
  • Mobile Devices (iPod Touch, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy)
  • Range of game controllers
  • 360º video cameras (GoPro Fusion, Garmin, Kodak)

Creative Tech Lab

Take a tour of the space

Student ambassador Prachee takes us for a tour of the Creative Tech Lab.