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Spotlight On: BA (Hons) Photography– LCC Degree Shows 2019

woman running in garden
woman running in garden
Kiki Doxaki ©
Written by
Maha Khan
Published date
20 May 2019

BA (Hons) Photography embraces photography in all its guises, engaging students with creative and academic perspectives. This year’s degree show sees students responding to the exciting and ever-changing landscape of contemporary photography and photographic practice. 

This year's exhibition as part of LCC Degree Shows 2019 will feature sculpture, human form, documentary, the virtual world and many other ideas that have beeen explored in the students’ self-directed projects.

Explore a handful of the projects on show...

Lucas Gabellini-Fava

Programmed By My Father

cutout nude man
Lucas Gabellini-Fava ©

‘Programmed By My Father’ explores paternal relationships through the proxy of my father and me. The work includes two photogrammetry scans of us printed life-size on latex and a deep-learning artificial intelligence. These three-dimensional scans lay everything bare on a two-dimensional plane, removing the ‘decisive moment’ and allowing everything to be viewed at once.

In conjunction to this, the artificial intelligence that has learned from past conversations between my father and me infinitely creates a dialogue based on what it has learned from our relationship and the way that we speak to each other. |

Xavier King

A General Enquiry into the Texture of Britain

cliffs overlooking sea
Xavier King ©

Influenced by research for a dissertation on 'Astronomical Photography and the Sublime,' which deals with the relationship between the human desire for knowledge and the operational image, this project deals with large scale themes and ideas which range from; the formation of the universe and of our planet, life and death and time to seemingly smaller subjects including the texture of a butterfly's wing and stone masonry.

Inspired by an old geological map, the intention was to investigate the underlying substrata of Britain and the various textures of the landscape. Starting at the coast, where the rock is exposed, the inquiry led to an appreciation of the vastness of the geological time frame, the processes involved and the Anthropocene.

This progressed to an awareness of the way the landscape has influenced nature, the evolution of plants, animals and consideration of the juxtaposition of the geological time in relation to the fleeting lifespan of a butterfly. The vast range of subjects in this series of photographs, from quarries to contemporary architecture and the Port of Dover, invites the viewer to consider the relationship between these things and allows space for thought and interpretation. |

Georgina Foster


man wearing red cap
Georgina Foster ©

Re-Actions is a project that explores moments of conflict witnessed in the public space. The acts of aggression, reactions to present social and political climate become re-acted through a process of understanding both each other and ourselves. Combining performance with documentary, self and other, the re-enactments re-position interconnected relationships within a single narrative.

The project aims to provide a pertinent response to the ever-increasing intensification and acceleration of the urban landscape, ultimately questioning our own reaction within the performance, and redirects culpability towards a collective responsibility in the roles we all play and that shape society into what it is today.

Jagoda Szczesna

Wellbeing Workshop: Inner Research Through Arts

text covered in multi colour string
Jagoda Szczesna ©

Wellbeing Workshop: Inner Research Through Arts is a transformative process designed to give the creative particle (hidden in all humans) a safe space to come forward and ultimately enrich the participant’s life. It consists of a series of expressive exercises performed in a progressive order for a gradual enabling of a flow of the authentic self.

The enabling lies in simplicity and rawness of the tasks and their underlying theme of inner research. The workshop employs Joseph Campbell’s philosophy through inner journey: feelings and wounds that the creative particle unleash to life and that its nature is not a skill or mindset like definitions of creativity would suggest, but a state of being in alignment with our true authentic selves.

The basis of the workshop is to offer a space for silence and a blank page above everything else in the light of ever-increasing noise in the hyper-consumeristic Western world. The countless number of images and text bombarding us everyday are the very reason for why this workshop exist in the first place. It derived from exhaustion and frustration at the consuming noise that keeps us busy and distant from being in touch with our authentic voice.

Kiki Doxaki


woman running in garden
Kiki Doxaki ©

The concept of Medusa originated from an unresolved question I have been asking myself for the past two years about self portraiture and the female fantasy. The photographic form has always been a way for me to express myself and feel comfortable within my artwork. In contemporary photographic practice and new feminist art, I try to avoid obvious cliches, and through self portraiture I think that the artist is free to represent anything his mind can imagine. A photographic self-portrait will likely convey a realistic representation of the artist.

Samira Eugster

Obscure Object

obscure black shape with shadow in greyscale
Samira Eugster ©

This work arose from a longing for visual observation and where photography stands with it. In our fast living world with an inundation of images, we sometimes forget to look. The subject then is not only what we see, but rather how we perceive the photographic object, a paradox object which communicates and stands on different layers.

Questioning the being of the photographic object has led to an exploration its sculptural essence aside from its representational character. Hence, this work seeks the sculptural possibility of the photographic but also probes its illusionary space and what we see or perceive in photographs. The piece addresses an engagement with the observer, encouraging him/her to actually look and aiming for the viewer to question what it is that they are seeing. |

LCC Degree Shows 2019: Show 1 takes place from 29 May – 1 June 2019.

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