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LCC Postgraduate Shows 2015 // Spotlight on MA Illustration & Visual Media and MA Interaction Design Communication

Written by Helen Carney
Published date 04 November 2015

The first of our Postgraduate Shows 2014 – featuring MA Illustration & Visual Media and MA Interaction Design Communication – is tonight, and we’ve had a sneak preview of the work on show.


Jelena Ristic, research, 2015.

Postgraduate design courses at LCC encourage interdisciplinary and hybrid approaches to the theory and practice of design. The School of Design puts the cultural, ethical, social, economic and ecological impact of its work on people and the planet at the forefront of its thinking, and this is particularly evident in the work of this year’s postgraduate students.


Jelena Ristic, ‘Albert’s Universe’, 2015.

MA Illustration and Visual Media students will be showing their work in LCC’s Upper Gallery. Duan Tianju was inspired by his passion for nostalgic electronic products, and initially his work began as drawings of old Nokia phones and Mac computers. This has developed into an animated timeline that shows a brief history of UI design, using various screens and an animation that begins as a text description and evolves into a detailed hyper-realistic representation.

Jelena Ristic will be exhibiting ‘Albert’s Universe’, a project in which she has visually documented the improvised movements of a professional dancer called Albert. Her work explores the nature of motion, and how chance and randomness within contemporary dance can be taken and used as a physical approach within the practice of illustration.

The Well Gallery will house the work of MA Interaction Design Communication students, including Ashraf Saifullah, who will be presenting work close to his heart. His project uses design to help homeless people overcome the struggle of maintaining personal hygiene. His clever shower kit is made up of everyday items that can be found on the street, and is part of a bigger scheme that would see phone boxes doubling up as showering facilities.


Clorama Dorvillias, 2015.

Clorama Dorvillias has built an interactive game from scratch that puts the player in the position of someone different to them. The game, which is based on statistics relating to how empathy can improve our behaviours in the workplace, aims to offer an alternative to current corporate training on diversity.


Clorama Dorvillias, 2015.

The exhibition runs Thursday 5 November – Saturday 7 November.

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