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Luke Bridger

Course Leader, MA 3D Computer Animation
London College of Communication
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Luke  Bridger


Luke Bridger is a character animator, Visual Effects (VFX) artist, and is the Course Leader for MA 3D Computer Animation at London College of Communication.

Luke has taught animation in the Higher Education sector for the last 6 years and has previously worked as an animator at Cinesite in London’s VFX industry.

After completing his Film Production Technology degree in 2009, Luke worked freelance in graphics and 3D animation work for two years. He then focused more on 3D animation, refining his technique by completing a qualification in advanced character animation from

Upon completing this qualification Luke began a more focused career in 3D animation slowly building up to larger feature film work.

As a teacher, Luke’s main goal is to inspire students and guide them towards opportunities he was not aware of when he was a student – ensuring students graduate with a great portfolio of work and an understanding of the industry to ensure they follow their correct path when beginning their career.

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