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Laura Vent

Lecturer, Diploma in Professional Studies
London College of Communication
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Laura  Vent


Laura is a multidisciplinary artist and educator. She graduated from the Courtauld Institute of Art in 2007 with a BA in the History of Art. She now works as a researcher and creative director across the creative and cultural industries, as well as bringing her commercial and professional experience to the Diploma in Professional Studies within the Design School at LCC.

Laura has worked with artists and designers across the creative industries helping to hone and develop portfolios and commercial projects, most notably with Lucy Hardcastle Studio, as well as with her own former studio WICCA.

She has worked with world leading agencies and brands, from Wieden + Kennedy to Chanel and brings her experience of the commercial creative sector into her teaching. Alongside the Diploma in Professional Students, Laura recently instigated WOW (Ways of Working), a platform to create dialogue and critical discussion around the current state of the creative and cultural industries, which resulted in an installation and publication launch as part of the recent Design School show, Everything Happens So Much (2018).

Laura's conceptual work explores cultural mythology and traditions of hoaxing, ranging from experiments in language through an ongoing analysis of the absurdity of poetry, to banal punnery and vacuous sloganeering. These are used to explore deeper socio-political and philosophical concepts such as freedom of speech and intellectual property.

Her work also traverses ideas of image appropriation in a digital world. Using the vernacular of internet, the work interrogates found images which are repurposed using ‘open source’ software and abstracted to pure aesthetic decoration.

Laura's collaborations with Lucy Hardcastle see the pair exploring ideas of human touch and consciousness within the digital age, and investigating sensual storytelling and abstract narrative forms. She has collaborated on a number of high profile projects and her output is varied and widely acclaimed.

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Instagram: @lauraemilyvent