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Alan Zucconi

Associate Lecturer, MA Games Design
London College of Communication
Alan  Zucconi


Alan Zucconi is a developer and author, and is an Associate Lecturer in game development for MA Games Design at London College of Communication. He sees teaching not just as an occupation, but as a medium to transfer skills and passion.

Since the start of his academic career, Alan has been passionate about research and teaching. He joined Imperial College London in 2012, where he investigated the relationship between genes and behaviours. During his time as a researcher, Alan's interest in scientific dissemination grew stronger, and he dedicated a large portion of his time to support teaching activities.

Parallel to his academic career, Alan has been developing games – focusing on experimental gameplays and interactive experiences. Working as a game developer has given him the flexibility to independently explore his creativity in many different directions.

Alan's main area of research is to design innovative gameplays, by deconstructing the assumptions players are familiar with. In addition to software development, he experimented how traditional gaming devices can be used in alternative ways, and even designed new game controllers to better fit specific gaming experiences.

In 2015 Alan also co-authored of one of the leading books in Shader Coding for Unity. He is currently publishing online teaching resources for other developers.

Alan believes the Internet is helping to revolutionise not just the way we learn, but also the way we can teach.

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