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Placements and work experience

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LCC Joy of Sets Workshop

A work placement is a great way of boosting your CV and providing you with experience that will help in future employment. Many of the courses at London College of Communication offer a work placement as part of a unit or option within the degree.

All work placements differ so it's important to read all of the information provided to get the most out of your placement. The information below relates to work placements which are built into a course and are a requirement within a particular unit.

Types of industry opportunities

We work with companies of all sizes within the media communications, design and screen industries, both in the UK and internationally. We actively encourage students to engage in international opportunities during their work placement or work experience.

Examples of companies who have hired our students for work placements include:

  • BBC, London
  • Doha Film Institute, Qatar
  • Guinness World Records, London
  • ITV, London
  • Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire
  • Precious Media, London
  • Rouge Film, London

Benefits of a work placement

  • Enhance your CV: A work placement is a great way of boosting your CV and help you develop the skills and experience that will help you in future employment.
  • Develop and apply new skills: A work placement will help you develop the skills you'll need in your future career. It may also allow you to apply what you've been learning at the College within an industry setting.
  • Make contacts: Any contacts you make while looking for work or on a placement can lead to future work or job opportunities. Even those employers who don't offer you a placement might be useful contacts in the future.
  • Experiment: A work placement offers you the opportunity to experiment with the type of job you may want to do once you've graduated. It may give you an idea of what you don't want to do.
  • The chance of a permanent job: The second most popular way UAL graduates find work is through working there before, so a work placement is a great opportunity for students to get relevant experience and leave a good impression.

Design School

The Design School at LCC offers students the option of a year-long Diploma in Professional Studies as part of their degree, in the following courses:

Media School

The Media School at LCC offers a work placement option on the following courses:

Screen School

The Screen School at LCC offers a work placement option on the following courses:

What if my course doesn’t have a placement built in?

We can still support you on your journey. We offer workshops for job-hunting and portfolios advice, as well as one-to-one sessions such as CV checks and 'Ask Me Anything about Careers'.