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Service Design Training Workshops

The Service Design Workshop Series give companies and their staff tools that will deliver real insights, ideas and proposals for your service delivery that can be implemented straightaway. The series help foster and grow design thinking processes, a culture of innovation and a customer-centric attitude that is essential for any business striving for customer service excellence.

As part of professional training the workshops can be adapted to the specific needs of your business and tailored to suit the size of groups taking part.

We can arrange for visits to companies and organisations throughout London.

Who is it for?

Workshops are suitable for a range of delegates and often work best where there are a cross-section of people. The value of the workshop comes from the varied knowledge and experience of the participants.

Typical participants will range from customer facing -roles to senior management and those responsible for planning, designing and delivering service operations.

See each course outline for further information and learning outcomes.

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

Customer Journey Mapping identifies the actions, thoughts and emotions customers go through when using your service. It helps companies understand and see their services from a customer’s perspective. By involving staff members in the workshop it can overcome challenges around siloed working.

Customer journey mapping can help companies:

  • Identify specific customer paint points, potential service failure
  • Identify opportunities to delight and surprise customers
  • Audit current service experiences
  • Identify opportunities for practical service improvements
  • Help define future and intended customer experiences
  • Communicate a service vision to stakeholders
  • We will introduce service design and customer journey mapping, its uses, benefits and case study examples.
  • Working together with a cross section of staff members you will create and review an end-to-end experience of one of your chosen services.
  • The customer experience will be based on typical profiles of your customers. We will see how and when the customers interact with an organisation and whether these ‘touchpoints' are supporting them in achieving their intended outcome.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Gather insights on where and how to improve the customer experience
  • Use a design tool for reviewing, planning and communicating customer experiences
  • Have a holistic end-to-end view of a current customer experiences
  • Have a better understanding of how your work impacts that of your customers and your colleagues

1/2 day to 1 day depending on size of group and number of customer journeys created.

This is part one of three workshops in the Service Design Series that can be either taught separately or in succession.

Co-designing Customer Experiences Workshop

This workshop gives companies fresh and new ideas for improving their customer experiences using design thinking processes. While the workshop can work independently it is intended to follow on from the Customer Journey Mapping workshop by using the insights and opportunities generated.

Co-designing customer experiences is a creative and productive session which will generate ideas for improving or delivering new services experiences to your customers. It helps build and support a culture of innovation within the workforce by allowing any member, no matter what position the opportunity to contribute their ideas for improvements.

A brief introduction to user-centred design thinking and creative process, followed by collaborative working and brainstorming to generate new ideas around your chosen brief (or the opportunity areas from the customer journey mapping workshop). New ideas and concepts will be presented and shared with the group before being reviewed and voted.

By the end of this course you should will have:

  • Learnt principles of user centred design thinking
  • Learnt new tools for collaboratively generating a range of service proposals
  • A range of ideas and service proposals to take forwards within your teams

1/2 day - 1 day, depending on size of group and number of customer journeys created.

This is part two of three workshops in the Service Design Series.

Service Blue Printing Workshop

Service blueprinting is all about delivery. This workshop gives companies a tool for understanding, visualising and communicating new service concepts and how they will be delivered. This workshop will help you think holistically about service experiences and how to deliver them.

A service blueprint helps companies turn ideas into refined solutions with an implementation plan. Service blueprints are a visual document which captures a service delivery process. This includes both the customer experiences across different touchpoints and the back stage activity and resources needed.

Clients have described service blueprints as a customer centric process map. Service blueprints can be used to review and audit current delivery processes to identify where and why customers are experiencing 'pain points'.

Following a brief introduction to design-led service development, the group will work collaboratively to map out the delivery model needed for a defined service proposal.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Use a tool for planning the delivery of new service proposals
  • Identify how back office processes need to be implemented to deliver a desired customer experience
  • Identify opportunities for improving operational processes

1/2 day to 1 day, depending on group size and the number of service proposals put forwards.

This is part three of three workshops in the Service Design Series.