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HP Inc: Creativity Bootcamp Training

The Creativity Bootcamp pushed 20 global leaders from HP Inc to the edge of their comfort zone – developing their creative thinking, opening up their ability to see in new ways and developing collaboration skills under pressure.

The brief formed part of a leadership retreat in London run by Foghound as US-based strategic communications and change management agency. In the words of Lois Kelly, Founding and Managing Partner at Foghound:

The experience far, far exceeded our expectations. This was the best offsite training ever experienced.

The delegates were divided into four workshops:

  • Group one discovered how grassroots movements start, grow and thrive through design activism, seeing it in action at Parliament Square.
  • Group two learnt to see in new ways through photojournalism, walking the streets of London Southbank, photographing and interviewing strangers.
  • Group three devised, wrote, produced and starred in a live faux television programme in the LCC industry standard television studio.
  • Group four immersed themselves in London graffiti and street art with Alternative London. Learning about street art and creating it too.

Well that wasn’t what we expected. Wow. Fantastic. Eye opening.

The Creativity Bootcamp offered an experience that was beyond typical team building or executive retreat programmes. Twenty of HP’s global leaders’ were shaken awake to explore emerging trends, different perspective and the power of creative expression.

Thank you London College of Communication for your creativity, responsiveness, and, well, brilliance.