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London College of Communication

Adobe Indesign Training

Multiple rows of iMacs in a classroom

A worldwide fashion brand approached us with a request for customised course in Adobe InDesign for ten members of staff.

Their brief was to make the life of their team easier by teaching them how to use InDesign efficiently.

It was great to have a course that was tailored to our needs, with focus on the features and tools that we use on a regular basis

Rick Cordell, an experienced LCC tutor delivered a one day beginners InDesign course covering the essential functions needed for office and business needs. Through demonstrations and exercises Rick also taught the basics of design theory which enabled participants to produce functional and visually pleasing documents.

Topics covered included:

  • Importing and formatting text
  • Using colour and applying colour to text
  • Frames and strokes
  • Creating and applying styles
  • Basic aspects of page and graphic design
  • Packaging the finished document and exporting as print ready pdf
It was easy to follow the steps and everything was explained in detail by the lecturer.