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Print Tuft Fold

Textile Designers
Chelsea College of Arts
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Print Tuft Fold


Print Tuft Fold is a textile design collective formed by Chelsea graduates Zoe Beck, Claire Alderdice and Kim Bassett.

Why did you choose Chelsea's MA Textile Design course?

Chelsea College of Art has a unique reputation for being creative and experimental. This appealed to us as Textile Designers, because we wanted to push the boundaries of our individual disciplines.

When and why did you decide to set up Print Tuft Fold?

In 2005, a year after graduating, we were applying to showcase our products at various design shows and trade fairs. At first, we clubbed together to get a stand due to lack of funds. When we got some positive feedback on how well our mix of products worked together, Print Tuft Fold was born!

Can you describe the journey from young graduates and friends to successful entrepreneurs?

It’s been a long journey, with so much change both personally and professionally, but the support we’ve given each other has really kept us going. We've pursued our own careers individually, and through our own unique experiences, we all bring something different to the table.

What are your current projects?

We recently created a range of soft furnishings for the Science Museum, inspired by their collections of railway architecture and interiors, mathematical shapes and micrographic photography.

It was amazing to have full access to the museum's pictorial archives and come up with some colourful and exciting designs. Now we're exploring ways to make these products for the public.

What is the best piece of advice you were given at Chelsea?

Be true to yourself and produce work that you love. And keep asking questions: why can’t this be done? How can we get around this?

Any tips for future Chelsea students?

Work hard and put in the hours, it will pay off. And be sure to make the most of the College's library and every other facility available, you'll miss these when they're gone.


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