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Contemporary Art in Britain (Online)

As one of the most important centres of contemporary art today, London offers a rich and wide variety of resources for the study of contemporary art. In the course you will virtually visit London-based galleries and museums, and occasionally, other important international art institutions as well.

Your course leader will guide you in exploring the main theories, trends and debates that make up the field of contemporary art today. You will contribute to weekly scheduled lecture and seminar sessions, as well as conducting your own research with the materials we give you in the course.

Tutor: Rosa Nogués

Over fifteen weeks, you will examine the principal themes and questions that give shape to the field of contemporary art today, such as the problematic of historiography, representation, criticality, spectatorship, the post-medium condition, institutional critique and the post-conceptual. You will pay special attention to the concept of decolonisation, and its application to the museum, art history, education, and culture more broadly, as this has in recent years become a demand that is not only urgent and insistent, but also important and necessary.

Course Content

  • Demonstrate a broad acquaintance with contemporary art
  • Understand the basic theories and concepts that make up the field of contemporary art
  • Carry out basic research and apply ideas from it to new examples
  • Engage with and discuss in depth contemporary art pieces
  • Participate in and contribute to seminar discussions and debates
  • Make a brief presentation to your peers
  • Write reflectively on your experience and practice

How UAL Online Courses Work

All online courses have the benefit to be a part of the University of the Arts London Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), and have been developed specifically for the teaching and learning of Art and Design practices, online.

This Virtual Learning Environment uses the latest technologies to provide the participants direct access to lessons, assignments, portfolio space and live classes from most devices enabled to access the internet, including smartphones and tablets.

UAL Study Abroad Online courses are a mix of live classes and self-study time. Students will be required to attend live classes at a given time every week and work on the weekly assignment between classes.

Every week, the tutor and student will meet in the virtual classroom and participate as a class, which is set at a recurrent day and time (set in the United Kingdom, times GMT or BST and dates are subject to UK national holidays).

For convenience, the classes and course content are archived and made available for review for up to three months after the course finishes. The platform also enables each participant to manage their own content, including the submission of their work for assessment by the tutor.

Live course sessions:

Courses have 2 live contact hours per week, for 15 weeks in a row. The weekly session consists of 1.5 hours of lectures/seminars/talks and 0.5 hour is dedicated to tutorials. Lessons are scheduled between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm BST. All sessions are recorded and available to view until the through the duration of the course.

Materials and equipment needed for the course:

  • Laptop/Computer
  • Good internet connection
  • Microsoft Word
  • PDF reader

Dr. Rosa Nogués is an Associate Lecturer in Art Theory at Chelsea College of Arts.

Dr Nogués obtained her PhD in 2013 at the Centre of Research in Modern European Philosophy (Kingston University). She has lectured at Central Saint Martins (London), Middlesex University (London) and the Universität für angewandte Kunst (Vienna). Her writing has been published in n.paradoxa, Revista Mundo Crítico and the Moving Image Review & Art Journal (MIRAJ).

This course is aimed at students interested in the history of art and culture more broadly. It is especially indicated for those with a particular curiosity about contemporary art, who want to explore the different themes and questions that arise when we look at contemporary art today. It will give Fine Arts majors an in-depth understanding of the contemporary context of their art practice, and it will also be an engaging and rewarding study experience for social sciences, communications, politics and other humanities majors, as the course will examine and discuss key topics in the current cultural debate (ie. gender, the environment, racism, decolonisation) in relation to art practice.

Level of study

UAL Online Study Abroad courses are for undergraduate, graduate and independent students from around the world. Minimum age is 18. Minimum GPA requirement for US students is 3.0. Non-US students should submit academic qualifications and achievements instead of GPA.

Level of English

The equivalent IELTS score of 6.0 or above is required. If you are interested in IELTS preparation courses, please visit UAL's Language Centre website for further information.


Each course is 30 contact hours (suggested credit value of 3 US credits). Students receive a Record of Study on completion of the course along with a suggested credit value. Credit is awarded by the home institution.