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Sell Out

window gallery showing sell out signs in style of a shop

24 April – 16 May 2021

The work shown was created by MA students from the Art Programme at Central Saint Martins during the pandemic.

As we begin to emerge from this period of lockdown much of what we once took for granted is no longer certain. Many of us have spent the last year confined to our homes, stuck to our computer screens.

We wanted to make work for Sell-Out that was affordable so that everyone might enjoy the benefits of living with art. If remote working is the new normal, let's fill our homes with opportunities for aesthetic pleasure.

Each limited-edition artwork in this collection is on sale for only £50 and we hope to sell out. The artists represented are all postgraduate students from MA Fine Art, MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies and MA Art & Science. In their final year of study at Central Saint Martins, the students will receive all the money raised from this project to help fund their end of year shows. Buying art at this price is therefore good for us all.

Check out the works for sale in Not Just A Shop here.