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Drama Centre presents MA Directing shows 2021

Watch the shows online 6-7 August

"This year has been an extremely challenging year for any students involved in the performing arts. The coronavirus pandemic has continued to hit hard. It has meant that the talented directors on this unique integrated Masters course have had to think of new ways to rehearse and present their work.

The course prepares the students to apply their skills across a range of dramatic media. It engages with a number of different directing methodologies and expects the directors to work both collaboratively and independently. It encourages the directors to find their own voice by using their interpretive skills on material that chimes with what they feel, think and want to say about the world.

It has been both a frustrating and exhilarating rehearsal process for all concerned.

The directors themselves chose the plays for this showcase and cast them from the third year Drama Centre actors, graduating this year. They are working with set and costume designers from the Performance: Design and Practice, supported by a professional production manager, lighting designer, and sound designer.

Enjoy this contemporary, formally experimental, thematically rich, and provocative set of plays."

- Tony Clark, Course Leader MA Directing


Trade by Ella Dorman-Gajic

Directed by Maddy Corner

“I could tell you I had no choice.

I could tell you I’m innocent.

But I know that wouldn’t be completely true”

Jana is on the cusp of adulthood; she’s started dating her first boyfriend and is getting ready to leave war-torn Serbia for the UK, to help provide for her family. The future looks bright and she has everything to live for.

When she wakes up in a basement in Bosnia however, unable to remember the night before, it begins to dawn on her that life doesn’t always follow the plans we make for it.

Ella Dorman-Gajic’s new play Trade takes us inside the European sex-trafficking industry, told through the eyes of a young Serbian girl as she attempts to find a place in a world she never asked to be a part of. As we are taken deeper, any sense of moral certainty evaporates and we are left questioning where to draw the line between victim and perpetrator.


Jana - Eileen Duffy

Stefan/Nikola/Man 1/Man 2/Police - Oscar Lloyd

Katarina / Girl 1 / Gucci Girl - Eleanor Roberts

Elena / Girl 2 / Hedgehog Girl - Aarushi Ganju

Production Team:

Assistant Director - Josh Silverlock

Set Designer - Natasha Gatward

Costume Designer - Jean Ocidio

Wardrobe Department - Isis Hurley-Jones

Mud by Maria Irene Fornes

Directed by Martha J Baldwin

Mae and Lloyd live in desperate times. Plagued by Lloyd’s sickness and a lack of education, Mae yearns for change. When Henry arrives, those changes may be more than what she bargained for…

Written by 'the most influential female American dramatist of the 20th century', Mud is a stark and uncompromising drama that follows three characters in their frantic searches for self-realisation. Set in the surreal landscape of dust storms and economic depression, this often overlooked play is a masterful exploration of violence, cruelty and hope.


Mae - Beth Lindsey

Lloyd - Harry Stopps

Henry - Joe Bishop

Production Team:

Set and costume design - Melissa Sallabanks-Blissett

Sound Design - Kristina Kapilin

Lighting Design - Timothy Kelly

A Girl and a Revolutionary by Igor Simonov

Translated and directed by Anna Udras

“And we will give you the truth that you will love and you will not ask for any other truth”

It is the day of the October Revolution, the Bolsheviks are about to overthrow the government. The infamous Joseph Stalin, far from the front line in the fight for freedom, stays in hiding, hypothesising on his inevitable rise to power. His friend’s younger daughter, Nadia, stays with him and they speculate on the future, the philosophy of revolution, and the nature of love. The collision of these two historical figures is an occasion to see the nature of power and what it does to people.


Joseph Stalin - Rhys Nuttall

Nadia Allilueva - Julia Muszalska

Reporter (voice) - Kitty Parker

Production Team:

Designer- Yasmin Estanislao

Choreographer- Ciara Booker

Sound design- Kristina Kapilin

Lighting design- Timothy Kelly

Music credits- The Retuses / Bani


Mydidae by Jack Thorne

Directed by Poppy Sutch

Assistant director Daniel Bainbridge

One couple. One bathroom. One difficult day.
An intimate story exploring two people’s most private moments. Their life together is stripped bare for us to witness in all its aspects: their love, their shame, their despair. After all they’ve been through, what’s really holding their relationship together?


David - Ed McVey

Marian - Caroline Menton

*This amateur production of Mydidae is presented by arrangement with Nick Hern Books

An Intervention by Mike Bartlett

Directed by Maya M Kyriazi

Two best friends. Two conflicting perspectives on life, politics and alcohol. A play about how responsible we are as people, friends and citizens towards each other.


A - Zoe May Dales

B - Drew Gregg

Production Team:

Assistant Director Thyrza Abrahams

Designed by Maia Frateantonio

*This amateur production of An Intervention is presented by arrangement with Nick Hern Books

The Lesser Bohemians by Eimear McBride

Adapted and directed by Vaila Anderson

"I see it now, and so clearly tonight, that the opposite of love is despair."

London 1994.

An 18-year-old Irish girl moves to London to study at Drama School. She yearns for reinvention, striving to belong to Camden Town. Here, she finds herself falling deeply in love with an older actor. Together they must learn to exorcise their demons but do they have the strength to make each other whole?

Adapted from the critically acclaimed novel by Eimear McBride, ‘The Lesser Bohemians’ examines the exposing and all-consuming experience of falling in love for the first time.


E - Iona Anderson

S - James Warburton

Chorus Member 1 - David Ijiti

Chorus Member 2 - Amber Lin

Chorus Member 3 - Lauren Carter

Chorus Member 4 - Ben Butler

Chorus Member 5 - Eleanor Roberts

Production Team:

Designer: Iphigenia Garani

Assistant Director: Lauren Carter