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3-17 December

Credit X

screenshot of credit website with list of galleries included

In the current financial climate, there is great pressure on small, independent art spaces, especially in large urban areas. This phenomenon has a wider effect on the operational status of the art world: how it works, and how it affects social structures. This has resulted in the centralisation of power towards larger galleries, the precarity of networks between smaller spaces and the diminished ability of these spaces to be visible beyond small audiences.

Credit X is an interactive, 3D-modelled database of emerging galleries and platforms in London, created to address some of these issues. Developed by MA Culture, Criticism and Curation students from Central Saint Martins in collaboration with Modern Forms, an international art collection and platform dedicated to supporting significant contemporary culture.

The Credit X platform is an experiment in design that takes up the idea of online databases and listings for the art world and aims to make them more interactive and visually stimulating. Using metaphors rooted in geography and geology, such as maps, sedimentation and cartography, Credit X presents a list of arts entities in a way that allows people to see new things.

The Credit X platform forms part of Credit, a project designed to investigate and mitigate the intensifying commercial and economic pressures faced by emerging galleries and arts organisations. Credit was formed in late 2019 between Modern Forms, Art, Culture and Enterprise Programmes at Central Saint Martins and the Art Market & Appraisal MA at Kingston University.

Credit X has been conceptualised and developed by Mazzy-Mae Green, Jamie Johnson, Florence Kettle, Greta Voeller, Zhangyu Wang, Chuqi Wang and Molly Wright.

Credit X features a range of London-based small to mid-scale galleries, including GUTS Gallery, Freehouse, Off Site Project, hARTslane and others.

Project partners Nick Hackworth, Modern Forms and Central Saint Martins.

Project tutor Nathalie Khan.


Credit X will host three talks between 15-17 December via Instagram Live. To receive news and updates on speakers and otherwise, follow on Instagram.

In Conversation: Creating Visibility for Emerging Spaces

Tuesday 15 December, 6.00-7.00pm (GMT)

A discussion on heightening visibility for small to mid-scale spaces, how this can be done, and the nuances and complications of the term ‘emerging’.

Platform: Project Credit Instagram Live

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In Conversation: Collaboration as a Form of Resistance

Wednesday 16 December, 6.00-7.00pm (GMT)

A discussion on how collaboration can produce strong relationships within the arts sector and can counter the idea that galleries exist in competition with one another. The talk will cover several examples of cross-gallery communication, challenging the often-opaque nature of these relationships.

Platform: Project Credit Instagram Live

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In Conversation: The Challenges and Joys of Being a Small Arts Project

Thursday 17 December, 6.00-7.00pm (GMT)

A conversation around one gallery’s first-hand experience of being small, from the challenges of the current Covid-19 pandemic to the joys experienced through being small and independent, for gallerists, their artists and audiences, and across communities.

Platform: Project Credit Instagram Live

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