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woman at ma aici festival with publications
woman at ma aici festival with publications
Image credit: Jolana Thompson

MA Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries festival

This end of year festival celebrates the work of graduating students on MA Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries. Despite the challenges of this extraordinary year, students have developed a wide variety of projects in response to, and affected by, the stresses and challenges of this year’s events. This group of international, nascent creative professionals has curated a programme of public events to reflect the nature of their final projects, which offer glimpses of a brighter future.

Monday 14 December

Inspire and Sustain


Songwriter and producer, Marco and Edoardo, will talk about how they draw inspiration for their song and music writing process. They will discuss their interest in making music in an authentic way, independently and spontaneously. Their music project ‘Corporate Finance’ appeared on Italian streaming TV Decamerette in March and their album will be released in December 2020.

Join the talk with Marco and Edoardo on Zoom from 3.00pm.


Founder and CEO of Creative Conscience, Chrissy Levett will talk about how her organisation encourages creative thinkers to use their talents to inspire and sustain long-lasting, positive social and environmental change.

Join the talk with Chrissy Levett on Zoom from 4.00pm.


The POLAR project involved transcultural, transdisciplinary teams of students from Germany, UK, Switzerland and Mexico, working together to solve the challenge of eliminating food waste in a student catering facility. Six MA Applied Imagination students who started the work in September 2020, will present their proposed solutions during this event to a panel of experts, including product designer Mike Hankin and Andrew Goodman from University of Bangor.

Join the talk with POLAR on Zoom from 6.00pm.

Wednesday 16 December



Isla Falconer, CEO of What If event company will talk about what ‘empower’ means to her, from her experience as a business leader and entrepreneur.

Join the talk with Isla Falconer on Zoom from 3.00pm.

Thursday 17 December



Director of the Backstage Centre, Brian Warrens, a world-class production and rehearsal venue, purpose-built for tv, commercials, film, music, dance, theatre and live events, will speak about how the creative industries have been affected by the pandemic and other issues, and provoke us to think about how to rebuild a better future.

Join the talk with Brian Warrens on Zoom from 3.00pm.

Friday 18 December



Actress, model, Producer. Co-founder & Creative Director of Countryline, Nathalie Cox, will talk about how to create your own journey.

Join the talk with Nathalie Cox on Zoom from 2.00pm.


Arts and Culture Manager at Ealing Council, Jan De Schynkel, will talk about how the lives of young people can be transformed if they're encouraged to use their voice through arts and cultural projects.

Join the talk with Jan De Schynkel on Zoom from 3.00pm.