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Silent Auction 2015

An abstract painting in red white and green

Silent Auction #: 21 / Artist: Kristaps Ancans

Title: The Car Broke Down Before It Reached The Area

Medium: Diptych; mixed technique / canvas (unframed)

Size: 130 x 50 cm

Date: 2015

A covered building with a section showing a communist  mural

Silent Auction #: 22 / Artist: William Webster

Title:Building. Communism.


Medium:Archival inkjet print

Size:40 x 50 cm


An abstract image in black and green and blue

Silent Auction #: 23 / Artist: Yu Ji Title: suru



Medium:Inkjet print

Size:28 x 15.5 cm


A close up image on a black background

Silent Auction #: 24 / Artist: Candice Japiassu

Title:Bauen III


Medium:Archival pigment print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325 gsm

Size:25 x 19 cm


Eight glitched images of Azadi Square in Tehran

Silent Auction #: 25 / Artist: Roshanak Khakban

Title: Azadi Square

Edition: 1/5

Medium: Inkjet print

Size: 30 x 40 cm

Date: 2015

A blue cross and square pattern on a white background

Silent Auction #: 26 / Artist: Andrew Kiddie

Title: Collaborhizome

Edition: Open edition

Medium: Giclée print

Size: Approximately 32 x 45 cm (framed)

Date: 2014

An illustration of microbes

Silent Auction #: 27 / Artist: Mellissa Fisher

Title: Microbial Me



Size:21.0 x 29.7 cm


Big lips and a tiny arm on white background

Silent Auction #: 28 / Artist: Samantha Harvey

Title: Big Lips, Tiny Arm

Edition: 1/15

Medium: C-type print on gloss paper

Size: 50 x 70 cm

Date: 2015

Dark blue pixels on a white background

Silent Auction #: 29 / Artist: Jérémie Magar

Title: Gloucester Road

Edition: 1/8

Medium: Screenprint on paper

Size: 50 x 35 cm

Date: 2015

A window shot of a pineapple plantation

Silent Auction #: 30 / Artist: Stephanie Sant

Title: Driving past Pineapple Plantations


Medium:Photo Rag print on Platinum Baryta paper

Size:20 x 30 cm


A cactus in a gold plant pot

Silent Auction #: 31 / Artist: Grace Stokes

Title: HeLa as a Cacti

Edition: 1/1

Medium: Digital photographic print

Size: 44 x 30 cm

Date: 2015

An abstract acrylic painting

Silent Auction #: 32 / Artist: Lise Bouissiere


Medium:Acrylic on canvas

Size:16 x 19.5 cm


A painting in browns and blues

Silent Auction #: 33 / Artist: Will Thorburn


Medium:Oil on canvas

Size:100 x 90 cm


A painting of a plate of lobster and chips

Silent Auction #: 34 / Artist: Yaoyao Ding

Title:Slow Food Life

Medium: iPad painting; Archival Inkjet Print

Size: 53 x 40 cm

Date: 2015

An orange painting with lots of small figures at the bottom and capitalised text

Silent Auction #: 35 / Artist: Camille Leherpeur

Title:Fake Story of the Law and Codeine

Medium:Tempera and acrylic on paper

Size:45 x 57 cm


Painted leaves and birds on a blue background

Silent Auction #: 36 / Artist: Alice Kemp

Title: Spring in the Garden

Medium: Oil and ink on wood

Size: 59.4 x 84.1 cm

Date: 2015

A blue, pink and purple swirling abstract image

Silent Auction #: 37 / Artist: David Jaramillo Klinkert



Medium:Digital print, C-type archival prints on a Kodak metallic paper

Size:42 x 27.7 cm


A pink paper lamp on its side

Silent Auction #: 38 / Artist: Nicola Lorini

Title:Remember Red


Medium: Archival inkjet print on Baryta paper

Size: 26.5 cm x 38.5 cm framed

Date: 2015

An image made up of images on small squares

Silent Auction #: 39 / Artist: Aurelie E C Berry

Title:Fragments of a hologram 1900


Medium:Photographic print

Size:54 x 25 cm


A outline of a figure wearing snake boots and a covered face

Silent Auction #: 40 / Artist: Lorraine Clarke

Title: One Man's Medicine …

Medium: Ink on paper

Size: 24 x 33 cm

Date: 2015

Red fog on a blue background

Silent Auction #: 41 / Artist: Maria de la O Garrido

Title: From 'Luck Doesn't Exist' series

Edition: 1/12

Medium: C-type print

Size: 45 x 55 cm

Date: 2014

A bright illustration of a person upside down in a cardboard box

Silent Auction #: 42 / Artist: John Aranda

Title: In Dependence (from the series ‘The Golden Age’)

Edition: 1/6

Medium: Digital Collage; Giclee print on Hahnemuhle German etching paper

Size: 50 x 50 cm

Date: 2014

Three images of someone in a rudimentary wooden boat

Silent Auction #: 43 / Artist: David Bethell

Title: Contraption C (from the 'Dr Bird Conquering Clouds series)

Edition: 1/3

Medium: Print

Size: 29.7 x 42 cm

Date: 2015

A mixed media piece in white pink and red

Silent Auction #: 44 / Artist: Jenny Walsh

Title: Redox

Medium: Glass, copper, steel

Size: 15 x 15 cm

Date: 2015

Scrunched up blue soiled sheets with a mattress behind

Silent Auction #: 45 / Artist: Christelle Viviers

Title:Re(figuring) Flatness / Conjunct_subject DSC_3262.jpg


Medium:Photographic print on steel sheet

Size:80 x 80 x 0.4 cm


Blue soiled sheets scrunched up in front of a mattress

Silent Auction #: 46 / Artist: Alisha Mir

Title: Untitled

Medium: Graphite on steel

Size: 16 x 22 cm

Date: 2015

A collage of images including a camouflaged figure and a fox

Silent Auction #: 47 / Artist: Mustafa Boga

Title: Guarding Plates

Edition: 1/5

Medium: Multiple acetate paper print

Size: 27.5 x 19.5 cm

Date: 2014

A photograph on the floor of dried foliage

Silent Auction #: 48 / Artist: Pearlie Frisch

Title:Being there and not there I Scotland III


Medium:Print on art paper

Size:60 x 40 cm


A white spherical object on a black background

Silent Auction #: 49 / Artist: Peiwen Li

Title: 1/24

Medium: Photogram

Size: 8.85 x 12.7 cm

Date: 2015

An army figurine on a green background

Silent Auction #: 50 / Artist: Neale Willis

Title: Toward a conclusion

Edition: 1/3

Medium: Archival inkjet print

Size: 32.9 x 48.3 cm

Date: 2015

A blue and red abstract image

Silent Auction #: 51 / Artist: Mandy Hreus

Title:blue and red

Medium:Light photograph print 1/10, Artist's Proof

Size:21 x 29.7 cm

A pencil and gouache drawing on paper

Silent Auction #: 52 / Artist: Lucy Crowder

Title: State 3

Medium: Pencil and gouache on paper

Size: 13.7 x 18.5 cm

Date: 2015

A small square image of an eclipse with a white border

Silent Auction #: 53 / Artist: Aleksandra Borys


Medium:Zink plate, Impossible film, silver powder

Size:23 x 23 cm


A print of two lower parts of the body walking up and abstract shape

Silent Auction #: 54 / Artist: Charlotte Whiston

Title:Divisibility of the body 1


Medium:Screen print

Size:29.7 x 42 cm


A pink projection against a wall with a plant in the foreground

Silent Auction #: 55 / Artist: Ludovica Girotto



Medium:Inkjet Print

Size:21 x 29.7 cm


Red dots and black scribbles

Silent Auction #: 56 / Artist: Subash Thebe

  • Title:DARK MATTER DM515358N20728W
  • Edition:1/1
  • Medium:Silkscreen print and ink on Somerset 300gsm paper
  • Size:24 x 24 cm
  • Date:2015
A woman tilting her head back with legs coming out of her eyes

Silent Auction #: 57 / Artist: Mira Varg



Medium:Silver gelatin print on warm tome glossy fiber paper

Size:38.1 x 27 cm


Two drawings of Marilyn Monroe the one on the right with her skin removed

Silent Auction #: 58 / Artist: Mary Helen Mack

Title: Monroe Stripped

Medium: Charcoal on paper

Size:59.4 x 84.1 cm / A1


A mixed media collage

Silent Auction #: 59 / Artist: Alessandra Falbo

Title:thru i's


Medium:C-type Print Diasec

Size:25.2 x 80 cm


A photograph of rear wheels on bikes

Silent Auction #: 60 / Artist: Stephanie Herbert

  • Title:Tottenham Bikes Play Catch With The Sun
  • Edition:Artist's Proof
  • Medium: Framed photograph on satin paper
  • Size: 13 x 12 cm
  • Date: 2015
Lots of coloured straight lines

Silent Auction #: 61 / Artist: Keun Wook Ji

Title: One Given Moment

Medium: Pencil on canvas

Size: 46 x 46 cm

Date: 2015

An abstract pink gold and black drawing on white paper

Silent Auction #: 62 / Artist: Marta Pinilla Martinez

Title: Limbic system: happiness

Medium: Ink, golden leaves and watercolored pencils on paper

Size: 30 x 30 cm

Date: 2015

A portrait of a man with a green filter

Silent Auction #: 63 / Artist: Célia Hay



Medium:Inkjet print

Size:100 x 66 cm


A selection of glitched images

Silent Auction #: 64 / Artist: Juan Covelli Reyes

Title: My technicolours

Edition: 1/3

Medium: Inkjet print

Size: 30 x 30 cm

Date: 2015

A glitched image with white text reading I Can't Believe You're Actually Here

Silent Auction #: 65 / Artist: Eva Wilkinson

Title: I Can't Believe You're Actually Here

Edition: 1/15

Medium: C-type print

Size: 29.7 x 16.8 cm

Date: 2015

A black and white photo of an object surrounded by photographs

Silent Auction #: 66 / Artist: Mike Sung

Title: Breach

Estimate: Edition of 10

Medium: Digital print on satin paper

Size: 40 x 60 cm

Date: 2015

A yellow and green print

Silent Auction #: 67 / Artist: Stephanie Wong

Title:Spore Print

Medium:Screen Print

Size:37 x 41 cm


A newspaper clipping fastened to a bracket

Silent Auction #: 68 / Artist: Alex Dipple

Title:Fold 1


Medium:Photograph mounted onto perspex with perspex hanging system exposed

Size:42 x 20 cm


Black thread fastened to a red background

Silent Auction #: 69 / Artist: Mariya Bilyan

Title: Untitled

Medium: Wood, nails, threads, wire

Size: 39 x 60 cm

Date: 2015

An illustration of a man asleep at a chair with split food

Silent Auction #: 70 / Artist: Jasmeet Singh

Title: Indian politicos

Medium: Pen on paper

Size: 25.4 x 20.5 cm

Date: 2015

A black circle with patterns of light in it

Silent Auction #: 71 / Artist: Julius Colwyn - Foulkes

Title:Remembered Fire

Medium:Pine soot ink, carved paper, light, power

Size:41 x 49 x 6.5 cm


A blue flower with a foetus in the middle

Silent Auction #: 72 / Artist: Alix Edwards

Title:Foetus Flower: Iris germanica

Medium:Acrylics on canvas

Size:80 cm in diameter


A wreath laying on a woodland floor

Silent Auction #: 73 / Artist: Silvia Krupinska

Title:Bramble in Coppermill Stream


Medium:Inkjet print on Premium Plus 300gsm paper

Size:21 x 29.7 cm


A sandblasted white image on a black background

Silent Auction #: 74 / Artist: Catarina Cubelo

Title:Bosch beija Eva


Medium:Sandblasting onto glass framed with portable case

Size:47 x 37cm


A grey distorted image with black background

Silent Auction #: 75 / Artist: Federico Redaelli

Title:De que l’ampoule s’allume, on tire! (Part of a series of 4 images called Impressions I)


Medium:Photographic print, on pearl glossy paper, mounted on aluminium, with a back structural aluminium frame

Size:61 x 91 cm


A glitched photo of a sugar bowl and coffee cup

Silent Auction #: 76 / Artist: Jana Valencic

Title:Tate Britain Crockery Deconstructed


Medium:Digital print

Size:40 x 33.82 cm



Silent Auction #: 77 / Artist: Rolina Blok



Medium:Photo etching on Japanese paper White light box, fluorescent green inner edge, cable; print in the box.

Size:33 x 25 x 10 cm


Thick congealed paint

Silent Auction #: 78 / Artist: Carla Mancillas Serna

Title:My Basic Space

Medium:Acrylic and salt

Size:30 x 30 cm


Black drawings on white paper

Silent Auction #: 79 / Artist: Galina Munroe

Title:Correspondence presque complète

Medium:Graphite pencil on Snowdon cartridge paper 300g

Size:21 x 29.7 cm


Pattens sprayed on wood

Silent Auction #: 80 / Artist: Lena Heubusch


Medium:Copper, wood

Size:10 x 10 cm

A painting of a husky

Silent Auction #: 81 / Artist: Ilayda Bilgin

  • Title:Ice
  • Medium:Watercolor, chalk
  • Size:30 x 30 cm
  • Date:2015
A mannequin looking at a laptop reflected in a mirror

Silent Auction #: 82 / Artist: Sara Boscioni

Title:Contemporary Simulacras



Size:39.5 x 30.5 cm


Acrylic paint, nailed on wood through perspex shee

Silent Auction #: 83 / Artist: James Tailor

Title:Acrylic paint, nailed on wood through perspex sheet

Medium:Acrylic paint, nails, wood and perspex sheet

Size:57cm x 44cm x 14cm


A grey abstract image

Silent Auction #: 84 / Artist: Yuichiro Kikuma


Medium:Oil on board (unframed)

Size:26.8 x 28.7 cm


Four people walking alongside the sea with a cut out circle above

Silent Auction #: 85 / Artist: Iman Awadh


Edition:Limited edition, 1/5

Medium:C-type print

Size:72 x 55 cm


A chemical compound structure on a black background

Silent Auction #: 86 / Artist: Harley Price

Title:Agent Orange

Medium:Black and fluorescent yellow silkscreen print on paper

Size:70 x 100 cm


Two photos of the Barbican tower with pink filters

Silent Auction #: 87 / Artist: Victoria Batt

  • Title:City in Pink
  • Edition:1/20
  • Medium:Archival UV inks printed directly to mirror, set of two
  • Size:10 x 15 cm
  • Date:2015