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Live Auction 2015

A print of the words

Lot #:1/Artist: Sonia Boyce

Title: So Amazing

Edition: 13/50

Medium: Giclée print

Size: 36.72 x 26.63 cm

Date: 2002

Black and blue crosses on paper

Lot #: 2 / Artist: Alison Turnbull

Title: Black and Blue on Campus

Medium: Ink on printed paper

Size: 25.2 x 17.9 cm

Date: 2015

A painting of a woman's face

Lot #: 3 / Artist: Alli Sharma

Title: Room at the top

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 30 x 40 cm

Date: 2015

Rats hanging in traps

Lot #: 4 / Artist: Mona Hatoum

Title:Traps (Paris)


Medium:C-type print

Size:Image size: 18 x 29 cm (Framed: 44 x 49.7 cm)


A blue creature with a large round head wearing an orange and white stripy jumper

Lot #: 5 / Artist: William Broome

Title: Untitled

Medium: Paper cut/collage

Size: 70 x 90 cm

Date: 2013

A collage with a circle cut out of the middle of two people's faces

Lot #: 6 / Artist: John Stezaker

Title: Touch

Edition: of 100, Artist's proof

Medium: Archival pigment print on Somerset Photo Satin 300gsm. Produced by K2 Screen

Size: 55.5 x 44 cm

Date: 2014

A photo of a palm tree with black squiggles on it

Lot #: 7 / Artist: Laure Prouvost

Title: Paradise on Line

Edition: 7/10, Artist's proof

Medium: Digital pigment print on William Turner 310gsm, each hand-finished by the artist.

Size: 40 x 32.5 cm

Date: 2014

An illustration of two entangled figures

Lot #: 8 / Artist: Emma Talbot

Title: Kennington Love Story

Medium: Watercolour on paper

Size: 24 x 30 cm

Date: 2014

A white piece of material with bits torn off the bottom

Lot #: 9 / Artist: Nicole Wermers

Title: Sequence 6

Medium: Painted ceramics

Size: 21.2 x 31.2 x 1.5 cm

Date: 2015

A close up of a face with scarification

Lot #: 10 / Artist: Babajide Olatunji

Title: Tribal Hamptons #2 Tribal Marks Series

Medium: Charcoal & Pastel on Paper

Size:39 x 49 cm (framed: 45 x 55 x 7 cm)


A collage of two juxtaposing images

Lot #: 11 / Artist: Thomas Hirschhorn

Title: “Ur-Collage” (THEODORA)

Medium: Cardboard, tape, prints

Size: 52 x 41 cm

Date: 2008

An aerial and starlings against a black background

Lot #: 12 / Artist: Prunella Clough

Title: Starlings [Sturnus Vulgaris]

Edition: 3/20

Medium: Sugar-lift etching

Size: 30 x 40.5 cm

Date: 1994

The outline of a figure against a green gridded background

Lot #: 13 / Artist: Antony Gormley

Title: WAIT II (Image credit: © the artist)

Medium: Carbon and casein on paper. Signed, dated and titled on verso. Inscribed 'for Central St Martins'

Size: 19 x 14 cm


An illustration of a gull

Lot #: 14 / Artist: John Bellany

Title: Gull

Edition: 3/20

Medium: Etching

Size: 41 x 30.4 cm

Date: 1994

A man stood in front of a blue panel in a gold gilted frame

Lot #: 15 / Artist: Isaac Julien

Title: Encoding / Decoding in Blue (In Memoriam Stuart Hall)

Edition: 31/60 (plus 10 artist's proofs)

Medium:Photographic print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308g

Size:53.9 x 39.4 cm


Six black panels with constellations on them

Lot #: 16 / Artist: Kathy Prendergast

Title: Nepal (Black Map Series)

Medium: Ink on printed paper (map)

Size: 34 x 72.5 cm

Date: 2011

A map showing bad art tropes as locations

Lot #: 17 / Artist: Grayson Perry

Title: The Island of Bad Art

Medium: Etching

Size: 46.5 x 63.5 cm

Date: 2013

A ballerina wearing a tutu

Lot #: 18 / Artist: Cathy Lomax

Title: Becoming Animals: Swan Dream

Medium: Oil on linen

Size: 61 x 30.5 cm

Date: 2011

Two open windows

Lot #: 19 / Artist: Sinaida Michalskaja

Title:N. & L.

Edition:Artist Proof

Medium:Diptych, C-type print, diasec

Size:30 x 50 cm each


A mosquito on skin with Kings Cross in red letters behind it

Lot #: 20 / Artist: Peter Doig

Title: King’s Cross Mosquito

Edition: 57/90

Medium: Etching and drypoint on paper

Size: 30 x 41 cm

Date: 2000