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Central Saint Martins

Lethaby Gallery 2019

Take a look at the exhibitions that have happened so far this year at the Lethaby Gallery.

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Degree Shows 2019

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Foundation Show 2019

26–28 April | Lethaby Gallery and Waterlow Park

The 2019 Foundation Show reached further than ever before with two sites: one inside at the Lethaby Gallery at Central Saint Martins and the other outside at Waterlow Park in Archway.

From 26–28 April, students from Foundation Diploma in Art and Design shared their final projects from the year's study. In the Gallery, visitors saw work from the course’s four curriculum areas: Three Dimensional Design and Architecture;  Fashion and TextilesFine Art; and Graphic Communication Design. Over in Waterlow Park, our Fine Art students responded to an exciting environment exploring scale, site-specificity and public participation through film, sculpture, installation and more.

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Madame B: Explorations in Emotional Capitalism

2 March–15 April | Lethaby Gallery

Madame B was an immersive video installation which examined the link between capitalism and romance in relation to Gustave Flaubert’s 1856 novel Madame Bovary. It is a collaboration between Dutch cultural theorist and video artist Mieke Bal and British video and performance artist Michelle Williams Gamaker.

Working anachronistically to highlight the novel’s shocking contemporaneity, Madame B opened up historical and contemporary connections between economics and romantic love, desire, consumption and loneliness. Divided into eight key scenes and split across 19 screens, the installation framed the complex drives at play in the lived experiences of women – both then and now. Through an immersive video experience, Madame B showed how these factors have persisted over the 150 years since Flaubert’s novel was published.

The project was hosted and curated by Michaela Giebelhausen and Alison Green, Course Leaders of BA Culture, Criticism and Curation and MA Culture, Criticism and Curation.

Seductive Capitalism: In Conversation – read our interview with the exhibition's artists and curatorial collaborators.

A Critical Rehearsal

8–22 February | Lethaby Gallery

A Critical Rehearsal considered the work of “becoming” and reconsidered performance as a series of trialled possibilities crafted through collaborative action.

This was the first event in a programme marking the centenary of the establishment of the Bauhaus, a renowned school of art and design. A Critical Rehearsal places process centre stage to challenge the form that “rehearsal” is assumed to take and share how Central Saint Martins students devise their practices daily.

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Caroline Broadhead - Sighted (2009). Photo: Hugo Glendinning

Caroline Broadhead: a retrospective

11 January–6 February 2019 | Lethaby Gallery

Bringing together work from across four decades, this exhibition reflected the breadth of Caroline Broadhead’s pioneering creative output.

Using jewellery design as a departure point, Broadhead’s objects were designed to be worn on the body and changed through touch and interaction. Further encompassing sculpture, installation, performance, textiles and photography, her practice is concerned with the borders of the individual – between inside and outside, public and private and the balance between materiality and image. Often working in collaboration, Broadhead’s works are activated by bodies and performers, examining the demarcation of human physicality.