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18-21 May

Foundation 2022

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Discover work by all our Foundation Diploma in Art and Design students.

Foundation is often a student’s first experience of art school, so head to the Lethaby Gallery as we open our doors and release the creative energy of future artists, designers and innovators.

Meet The Students - Foundation Showcase Drop-ins

Throughout the Foundation Showcase 2022. Our students will be working in The Lethaby Gallery sharing their sketchbooks and projects with visitors. Meet students studying on the course, ask questions and explore their creative processes. Visit during the drop-in times below. 

Wednesday 18 May: 12-2pm, 3-5pm

Thursday 19 May: 12-2pm

Friday 20 May: 12-2pm, 4-6pm

Saturday 21 May: 2-4pm, 3-5pm

Unable to visit in person?

View Foundation student profiles on the Graduate Showcase.



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    , Martin Slivka
  • CSM-FAD-show-2022-0866.jpg
    , Martin Slivka
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    , Martin Slivka
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    , Martin Slivka
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    , Martin Slivka
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    , Martin Slivka
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    , Martin Slivka
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    , Martin Slivka
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    , Martin Slivka