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Creative Unions 2018

Abstract blue background which is overlaid with red ovals with CU written inside

Creative Unions

15 September - 27 October 2018
Lethaby Gallery and Window Galleries

Creative Unions showcases the work of Central Saint Martins’ graduating students whose practice addresses our current socio-political climate. Visit the exhibition in the heart of King’s Cross to see how design can further public debate and become an active agent in the dissolution of boundaries.

Creative Unions was launched in Spring 2017, informed by, and in response to, a very particular political, social and cultural landscape. Sharing the work of Central Saint Martins’ graduating students, last year’s exhibition during the 2017 London Design Festival set out to celebrate the power of designers to challenge isolationism. Now, as factions become ever more polarised, the second iteration of Creative Unions will showcase the way in which our students are continuing to address our current socio-political climate with urgency and ingenuity.


Take a look at this year's themes and a selection of works by our exhibiting graduates:

Material Identities

Six stacks of white, cream and black, melting ceramic plates on a jet black background
Anke Buchmann – This moment will never come back
A thick, highly decorative, beaded necklace
Veronika Fabian - Chains for an average woman
A person jumping in the middle of a decorative room
Julie Greve - Imaginations about Myself
A person posing wearing a highly decorative garment
Paolina Russo - I Forgot Home

Coded Intimacy

An image of a trainer which looks like it is made from cells
Jen Keane - this is grown.
A scientific looking planter filled with different plants, wires and silver panels
Florentin Aisslinger - Data Garden

New Histories

Architectural illustration of a bridge and stream with people walking through and playing in the stream
Amar Sall - Marina Ville
A sculptural silver vase
Andrea Liu - Mending Portraits
Silver metal woven into a necklace which has a Mercedes Benz logo pendant
Yayun Fang - Hip Hop Lace

Yayun Fang
Hip Hop Lace

Two people stood with their back to the camera wearing thick woven garments
Fadzi Sango - Amai

Designing Resilience

A series of pink objects on display on a table
Matt Canham - hplus
A crowd of maneki-nekos
Katie May-Boyd, 'Foreign Garbage'. Photo by Vic Phillips
A perspex box with a series of perspex plates on display inside it. The plates are pastel blue, brown and cream with metallic detailing.
Chloe Duran Stone – Bo’oy Transitory forms, light and colour
An open box which is displaying different bike tools
Yaohan Gu - Wheels4U

Shared Territories

A photograph of a young person wearing clothes and accessories for boxing
Olga Bogdanova - Daria
A bird's eye view of two people embroidery a large piece of decorative fabric
Cruz Maria - Mi Casa – Latin American Stories of Migration
A person wearing black with a decorative silver flower
Edwin Charmain - Lusaka

Edwin Charmain

A series of tall ceramic objects on display
Simon Kidd - Sliabh Dónairt & Dregish

Simon Kidd
Sliabh Dónairt & Dregish

Making Public

A black and white architectural illustration
Louis Lupien - Open Croydon

Louis Lupien
Open Croydon

Embroidered details on a piece of a material which is stuffed full of shredded paper
Alice Chamberlain - Flux

Alice Chamberlain

A black and white illustration of a smudged bank note
Adam Crockett - Climate Liars
A photograph of someone playing a brightly coloured board game
Stanya Petkova - Activote

Stanya Petkova

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