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Unknown Quantities 7

Central Saint Martins students from MA Graphic Communication Design and MA Culture, Criticism and Curation present the seventh edition of Unknown Quantities.

Inspired by the notion of fluidity in all its iterations – fluidity of process, of identity, of thought, of motive – Unknown Quantities 7 expands the solid realms of publishing itself, through an eclectic collection of works and articles. From metaphoric portraiture and generative typography to plasma physics and contemplative essays, Unknown Quantities 7 presents a rich tapestry of works created by practitioners in varied fields. As the works collide and conspire the fluency of subject matter is traversed and the form and functions of publications are probed.

The seventh issue of UQ inaugurates a new online space:, a design project by ‘See, Also’ (Lucy Maria, Mike Stevens).


Ayaba Arówólò, Aylea Skye, Francesco Cordola, Francesca Forty, Ioli Athanasopoulou, Johanna Hammer, Lily Abram and Sean Kinson.


Ana Helena Arevalo, Ayaba Arówólò, Dom Kesterton, Elias Hanzer, Federico Federici, Jesse Coburn, Matthew Kay, Mattson Gallagher, Process Studio, Rachael Allen, Sean Kinson, Shelby Guergis, Studio Moniker and Tita Marr.