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Players and Makers

The Players and Makers project asks, who are the real players of the art world? How much power do institutions hold and how much does the art market have?

These questions will be interrogated in a roundtable event in which invited industry professionals and educators discuss the relationship between the education of artists and curators, and today’s art market. They will discuss their role in the art world, the relevance of art fairs, artist-gallerist relationships, making money, art education and the current state of the art world. The roundtable will highlight some of the research conducted by students at art fairs, including conversations with other art students, and the critical and controversial arguments they have encountered.

Audience members can join in the discussion, for instance, about how digital and commercial platforms have reshaped our interaction with artists, or how art institutions should educate and inform art students about the art market.

The Players and Makers exhibition features work of artist and alumnus of Chelsea College of Art, Ernest Robert Kulik. At his latest show at Sotheby’s, Kulik used satire to mock pretentious artists by embodying their egos. We hope his work will be a catalyst for further exploration about the role of the artist in the art market.


Saturday 23 November 2019, 12.00–3.30pm

1.00pm: Players roundtable

2.00pm: Q&A

12.00-3.30pm: Makers exhibition

This event is only open to staff and students at UAL.
No booking required.

Food and drinks will be served.


Angelica Moschin, Junyu Lei, Kana Higashino, Tina Wetshi and Yuehan He.