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MA Culture, Criticism and Curation
2019 Final Projects

November to December 2019

MA Culture, Criticism and Curation graduating students from 2019 present four final projects in partnership with international and national organisations, artists, designers, writers, academics and other participants.

Students have organised exhibitions, events and publications that consider what it means to operate creatively and actively in varied political conditions, negotiating personal and communal positions.

2019 is also the start of a curatorial response to climate change and all four groups have put sustainability at the centre of their thinking and planning. The projects respond in different ways to promoting real-world change through curatorial knowledge.


11 October - 24 November

Workshops and tour.

Unknown Quantities 7

5 December

Issue launch.

we [ breathe ] in the space between

1 - 17 November

Exhibition, screening, performance and networking event.

Players and Makers

23 November

Exhibition and event.

Course tutors and students are grateful for the generosity and support of project partners: ASC Artists Studio Company, The Common Room, HART HausModern FormsRoman Road Trust, MA Graphic Communication Design and BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins.

Tutors: Alison Green, Diane Silverthorne, Lee Weinberg, Louise Garrett, Nathalie Khan, Nick Kimberley, Rebecca Ross and Stephen Barrett.

About the course and programme: