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10 May – 7 June

Blockchain in art and fashion

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This series of talks hosted by MA Innovation Management will dive into the implications of this game-changing technology in both art and fashion spaces.

Innovations such as blockchain and cryptocurrency have inevitably found their way into how art and fashion is conceptualized, created and sold. The advent of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has meant that for the first time in history, digital art can have the same unique properties in the market as the physical.
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    On chain / off chain  

    10 May
    Watch the panel talk about blockchain as a provenance ledger for on chain (token) and off chain (physical) art.

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    Blockchain and wallets  

    16 May
    Watch an introduction to blockchain and how it works, covering the different types of wallets and protocols that are used with blockchain.

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    Where to mint? Battlefield  

    17 May, 5-6pm
    Watch this talk about the NFT marketplace and these platforms that provide a place for creators and collectors to buy, sell, or trade their NFTs.

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    Crypto art and collectibles  

    24 May, 5-6pm

    Crypto art, collectables and generative art are emerging forms of digital art using blockchain tech to create unique, decentralised artworks.

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    Metaverse fashion  

    31 May, 5-6pm

    Digital fashion can now encompass everything from virtual reality experiences to augmented reality applications.

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    A new wave  

    7 June, 5-6pm

    Roundtable on how nft is changing the art world. With ability to create, buy and sell digital art - it opens up new possibilities for artists.




Mimi Nguyen

Associate Lecturer, MA Innovation Management


Robert Norton, founder and CEO at Verisart, Robert Alice, artist (first NFT sold by a major auction house), Michael Bouhanna, co-Head of Digital Art at Sotheby's, Mo El-Sayed, Head of Community & Education at Ledger, Ariel Wengroff, Editor in Chief at Ledger, ex-VICE, Lucas Vera, Founder Director at, Paul Schmidt, Growth at fxhash:, Moyosore Briggs, Tezos Community Manager at Rarible, Nathan Beer, Head of Content at SuperRare, Erick Calderon, CEO and Founder of ArtBlocks:, Guile Twardowski, creator of Cryptokitties, DotCom Seance artist, Matt DesLauriers, generative artist, Ramona Tudosescu, Innovation Lab at Farfetch, Addie Wagenknecht, Head of Web3, Algorand Foundation, Marco Marchesi, CTO at The Fabricant, Beata Wilczek, Head of Digital Sustainability at The Dematerialised, Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti, artists, Operator, Benjamin Kandler, Crypto Art Phillips Auction House, Kenny Schachter, artist, writer, lecturer, curator, Micol Ap, Vertical Crypto Art