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Plural Futures

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Plural Futures is a series of co-design workshops encouraging an active discourse around environmental, societal and economic issues. Plural Futures is the belief that we have the power to take charge of our future but we also need to prepare for a future we haven’t envisaged yet. Its aim is to question existing practices and imagine future possibilities.

Through workshops, performances and discussions students are introduced to a range of practices that increase their awareness of the Anthropocenic landscape in which we currently reside and ways to approach the issues that affect us all.

Workshops have included darning and the virtues of repair with Shane Waltener, Jason Allcorn demonstrating rope-making from discarded t-shirts, a sex and technology workshop by Dr Kate Devlin, vegan cooking with the Skip Garden. As well as these events, in 2019, Central Saint Martins was host to Early Warning Sign by Ellie Harrison (pictured above).

Since 2016, artists and organisations that have taken part: Liberate Tate, Greenpeace, David Finnigan, Jason Allcorn, WEmake, Duncan Baker Brown of BBM architects, Dr Kate Devlin, Dr Tassos Stevens at Coney, Skip Garden, Adam Thorpe of Design Against Crime Research Centre, They are Here, Bamboo Mustard, Rosie Gibbons, Greg McLaren and Shane Waltener.

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  • image-1-cacoughany.jpg
    , Ca-cough-any (2017) A performance protest by PDP students as part of Greenweek 2017 instigated by a workshop on CLEAN AIR with Greenpeace,
  • image-2-edge-of-chaos-.jpg
    , Edge of Chaos (2018). A participatory performance utilising home made instruments, found objects and looping pedals with PDP graduate Bamboo Mustard
  • image-3-beyond-borders.jpg
    , Beyond Borders (2018). Participants in Green week perform what a maker space in Camden might look like. The Maker space at Skip Garden’s new site will continue these conversations
  • Image-4-rope-making1.jpg
    , Participants learning how to make their own rope from discarded t-shirts in this workshop with Jason Allcorn - WEmake, March 2018
  • image-5-hurdles.jpg
    , Hurdles made from willow were created as a possible solution to the access issues on the terrace with The Woven Fence and Green roof society. This workshop won the SU best workshop award in 2018
  • image-6-how-not-to-kill-your-friends.jpg
    , How not to kill you friends: A re-potting workshop with Jeannine Inglis Hall was held as part of staff development week in June 2018, promoting the benefits of gardening for mental health and fresh air