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Central Saint Martins


Our weave workshop has over sixty looms of various types. These include table looms, electronic dobby looms and computerised jacquard looms, with supporting equipment in the form of warping mills, hank winders and a cheese winder for hank-dyed yarns.

The workshop is equipped with the following:

  • Table looms,
  • Electronic dobby looms
  • Computerised jacquard looms
  • Warping mills,
  • Hank winders and
  • A cheese winder for hank-dyed yarns

Ask a technician

Questions answered by Specialist Technician Linsay Robinson

What can students do here?

The students have a thorough design education, specialising in woven textiles. They have a wide variety of projects, including industry led fashion and interiors projects with companies such as Gainsborough, Timothy Everest and V V Rouleaux.

What is the most common request you get?

Every question I get seems to start “This is just a quick question but...!” then the question can be about anything from a technical issue with a warp to questions about weave structures to finishing techniques – the range is endless.

Is there a particular project you remember?

A favourite is always the ribbon project.  The limit in width seems to enable the students to be extra creative and take more design risks, with great results. All very inventive, intricate and slightly out there.

Have you ever had to say to a student that a project was impossible?

Some things just need a bit of lateral thinking… We have students weaving with a great variety of yarns and fibres so being inventive about use of materials is part of the brief.

What makes this workshop a special place at CSM?

We asked the final year students for their comments… They came up with:

1. The people, students and staff, the feeling of community and that everyone is here all the time.

2. The traditional feel of the workshop and that it is well equipped (and that things don’t go wrong!)

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