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Central Saint Martins

Studio Theatre

The Studio Theatre is an ideal space to showcase student performances and offers an exciting teaching environment for students and practitioners.

Our performance areas also include the Platform Theatre: a flexible 348 seat theatre with a full range of facilities including lights, sound and AV projection.

Questions answered by Production Manager Amie Shilan

What can students do here?

In the Platform Theatre students get to explore what it is like to work in a professional theatre with all the technical aspects that come with it. We have a generous equipment list with a large amount of theatre lights, a decent PA system with a soundcard that allows designers to choose where around the theatre they would like the sound to come from, and a counterweight flying system with 40 bars. Most of the students are blown away by our facilities and very excited and grateful to get a chance to explore and experiment here.

What is the most common request you get?

Flying sets/set pieces. Use of smoke/haze. Use of sand and soil on stage. I am very bad at saying no and I do like to push the boundaries. Our next experiment for Design for Dane 2014 is the use of water. I won’t say anything else....

Is there a particular project you remember?

All of them, but I am very proud of Drama Centre’s last season of 'The White Guard' and 'The Glass Menagerie'.

Have you ever had to say to a student that a project was impossible?

No, as ‘impossible’ needs to be proven. But I have said "You haven't got enough time" or "You haven't got enough money".

Any interesting stories about the workshop/studio and/or its content?

We have a pet mouse in the Studio Theatre called Rosco.

What makes this workshop a special place at CSM?

We love what we do and I do feel this comes across. If you don't love theatre believe me you wouldn't be in it.