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Central Saint Martins


Our photography workshops are set up to support both digital and film photographic work and include photography studios, digital darkroom and wet darkrooms with associated support areas.

The workshop is equipped with the following:

  • An open access drop-in space equipped with two infinity tables with the option to use flash or continuous lighting and a range of specialist equipment and backdrops
  • iMac download stations loaded with Adobe CC, tethered capture software
  • A range of cameras are available for loan
  • Bookable workstations: iMacs with NEC monitors for high-end image editing with fully colour managed workflow, proofing and high-end film scanning
  • A2 rostrum copystand for flat artwork acquisition
  • Photography Finishing Area
  • Black and White Darkroom equipped with 15 enlargers (35mm, 120mm and 5×4″), and tray and machine processing with adjacent Film Processing area
    Specialist area with limited access

Questions answered by Specialist Technician Jennie Crisp

What can students do here?

Students can use the studios to photograph work they have made or to make photographic works; these can range from photographing very small objects on the light tables to a full fashion shoot.

They can also process and print black and white film in our darkrooms and experiment with alternative processes.

Students are encouraged to come and discuss all things photographic and beyond with the technical staff.

What is the most common request you get?

Can I borrow a tripod?

Is there a particular project you remember?

Being one of many staff and students photographed in their beds with a topless Fine Art student for her second year project.

Have you ever had to say to a student that a project was impossible?

Yes, many times due to the constraints of time/money/space/physics. But can usually work around it to finding some alternative solution.

Any interesting stories about the workshop/studio and/or its content?

What happens in the studio stays in the studio…

How does the workshop fit in with the overall history of CSM?

The photography studios started out in a small 10ft by 10ft dank room in the basement of Charing Cross Road over forty years ago, we can now match any professional studio this side of Dalston.

What is it about this workshop that makes it a special place when at CSM?

The best view of the sun setting over west London!