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Advanced Digital Projects

The Advanced Digital Projects workshop is a making and doing workspace. This workshop is designed to support students working on advanced digital and electronic projects that are time dependent and may require space.

In this area you can develop physical computing, microelectronics, robotics, game design, augmented, virtual and mixed reality, web and creative coding projects.

There is fixed position benching for workstations and micro-electronics assembly. There are dedicated game development PC computers, VR/AR headsets and basic motion capture equipment.

The Advanced Digital Projects workshop is focused on developing projects using the latest digital technology. We have a range of high specification PCs, virtual and augmented reality headsets, and motion capture technology.

In this workshop students can develop websites, applications, games, and virtual reality experiences.

We support Unity and Unreal Engine projects and a range of programming languages including:

  • Javascript / Typescript / React / Angular
  • Swift / Objective-C / Java
  • C# C++ / Blueprints (UE4)

Attention current students

To find key information and guidance for you to make the most of this workshop - visit the Moodle web page (you'll need to use your UAL email to log in).

Ask a technician

    Credit: Image courtesy of Central Saint Martins Image courtesy of Central Saint Martins,

Questions answered by Specialist Technician Sion Fletcher.

Programming is either contributing to, or becoming integral, to most disciplines at CSM.

What advice would you give to new students?

Work harder than the other students.

What can students do here?

Students come here for help with more advanced digital projects, such as building websites, iPhone apps, or illustrating with robots. Our projects are often built in Processing, Arduino or Xcode, and we cover a wide range of programming languages, including Java, C and Objective-C, and also support web based projects, from simply customising Tumblr themes, to building Javascript apps.

What equipment do you have here?

We have workbenches for soldering and assembly, cupboards full of components, and a suite of iMacs to do the programming on.

What is the most common request you get?

I’ve had two requests this year that were the same. Both students wanted to convert their dissertations into a piece of music. One ended up with some stuttering white noise using processing, whilst there other went down the route of spectrograms. So even those requests had little in common by the end. It’s very varied.

Is there a particular project you remember? - all of eBay on one screen, live! A great project by Marta Bocos.

Have you ever had to say to a student that a project was impossible?

No, just that some ideas might take a few years to finish.

What makes this workshop exciting?

We have something to offer all the students. Fluency in these languages let’s you take control of technology that we’re constantly being told is in control of us.