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Central Saint Martins

3D Large: Casting

The 3D Large Casting workshop is located in L008, on the ground floor of KX.

Our casting workshop’s primary use is for mould making and casting, but it can also be used for other wet modelling and construction processes.

Students are encouraged to work through both traditional approaches to casting, as well as explore high-end contemporary processes. Resin casting can be done in the outside space at the Archway campus.

The workshop is equipped with the following:

  • Extracted plaster mixing bench
  • Extracted wax melting bench
  • Degasser
  • Sandblaster
  • Concrete mixing tray
  • A variety of clay and plaster tools
  • Mould making processes include: silicone rubber, plaster, jesmonite, clay and life casting
  • Casting materials include: plaster, jesmonite, bioresin, wax, ciment fondu and concrete

Questions answered by Specialist Technician Nick Brooks

What can students do here?

Mouldmaking and Casting processes and materials (too numerous to list)

What is the most common request you get?

To cast things in Clear resin.

Have you ever had to say to a student that a project was impossible?

Yes, to making a mould and cast of a feather.

Any interesting stories about the workshop or its content?

We took a silicone rubber mould from a vinyl record and cast it in resin was then able to play the resin cast on a turntable. Not only that, but was also able to play the rubber mould on a turntable as well.

How does the workshop fit in with the overall history of CSM?

Some of the classical Greek and Roman casts on display were donated by the British Museum, to the original Saint Martins when it first opened in the 1930s.

What makes this workshop a special place at CSM?

A mixture of traditional and contemporary techniques, processes and materials.