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Mead, Rome PhD Residency

UAL: MEAD Rome PhD Studio Residency July 2019

The Mead Rome PhD Studio Residency joins the existing programme of Mead Scholarships and Fellowships which support UAL students in the pursuit of excellence through their creative practice and research. It is open only to current PhD students of UAL.


Following a generous gift by photographer and philanthropist Scott Mead, UAL has for some years offered Mead Scholarships and Fellowships to its students and recent alumni. This new Rome PhD Studio Residency extends the programme of Mead Awards to PhD students, providing them with a 4-week residency in a studio at the British School at Rome.

Are you a UAL PhD student interested in a studio residency (paid for by UAL) at the British School at Rome during July 2019?

How to apply:

  • Register your interest by Monday April 15 by email to Mick Finch
  • Pitch your idea to the award panel on Tuesday 30 April.

All interested students are given a 15 minute time slot.You will prepare a 10 minute ‘pitch’ for the residency, showing how you would use the time to further your practice/research.

The pitch is verbal and a Powerpoint presentation is not required. Up to 5 physical materials may be brought to support the proposal – or 5 images shown on the student’s own laptop.

You must ask your Director of Studies for written support for your pitch idea (to also be sent by email to Mick Finch, in advance of the pitch where possible).

Each student carries out their pitch – followed by a 5 minute Q&A with the panel.


3 students will be selected for the residency, conditional on the receipt of a suitable written version of their residency proposal.

Find out more about the UAL Mead Rome Residency