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A composite image including green areas of grass and white silhouettes of animals and people
A composite image including green areas of grass and white silhouettes of animals and people
Luqing Cao, MA Innovation Management

The Becoming Regenerative Group is dedicated to investigating new processes and methods of “creating with/for nature” as a catalyst for change in the larger innovation economy.

How do ideas grow into regenerative projects, businesses and systems?

How do early ideas shaped by regenerative principles evolve into concrete products and services that enhance the health of the planet – i.e., the health of its biological living systems and human communities? What can established, larger businesses learn from the designers and entrepreneurs leading this field?

Becoming Regenerative (B-Regen) is a multi-year research and design project led by Dr Tuukka Toivonen, Reader in Regenerative Creativity, sociologist and creativity researcher at CSM and Dr Onya Idoko, Lecturer in Prosperity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UCL's Institute for Global Prosperity, together with other experts and partners in the UK and overseas. The project is being conducted in collaboration with graduate MA Innovation Management researchers.

For more information, read about this project, contact, or Dr Tuukka Toivonen, Becoming Regenerative initiator and PI

Mushrooms and high rise buildings

Image: Luqing Cao, MA Innovation Management

Curious minds

This research group looks at how regenerative concepts and projects that entail collaborations with living matter such as fungi, algae, flax or microbes develop into tangible regenerative products and/or services through real-world creative idea journeys and newly developing design methodologies.

Recent work

Toivonen, T., Hecker, M., Weiermann, L. (2022). Designing New Spaces of Creativity for the Regenerative City. University of the Arts London.