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Victor Johansson

MA Industrial Design Alum
Central Saint Martins
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Victor  Johansson


Victor graduated from MA Industrial Design in 2013. He currently works as an Industrial Designer at Howl Design studio in Malmö, Sweden.

My work

I specialise in designing objects and interactions in the intersection between analogue and digital. Design that connects the physical with the intangible. Research that uncovers and extracts insights and scenarios that transforms and tames technology to create enjoyable experiences.

Ceramic Stereo

This project looks at the two main discourses of interaction-design; screen-based and object-based, and positions itself in the gap between the two. It questions whether or not it is possible to combine the two and create products that take advantage of both the flexibility of screens and the tactility of tangible interfaces.

The interaction-design paradigm of the moment is being centred around swiping our fingertips on glass, may it be phones, tablets, computers, in-car systems, or even refrigerators. If we are to believe companies like Google, Microsoft and Samsung, the coming paradigm of interaction-design is even less tangible with the interaction centred around voice commands and waving your hands in the air.

By combining the physical with the intangible this project tries to tame the technology beast. Making technology, connectivity, functions, and actions more graspable and relatable without losing out of the function-rich screen-interfaces. Seamlessly integrating interactions with the digital world into mundane scenarios and making sure that technology becomes in tune with people and our environments, not the other way around.

The course

I didn't feel I was finished after my BA, It felt like I it had just started to get really interesting and then I graduated.

This course really focuses on the core of designing products, experiences and fiction. It doesn't teach you very much of the traditional tools like, sketching, rendering, 3D modelling, instead it focuses on how to uncover and translate insights to meaningful ideas.

You must be fully committed to giving all and very passionate about your work. It's not a course you do because you think industrial design "might" be something for you.


Break the rules. After all it is an art school.


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