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Steve Radmall

Specialist Technician Film and Video
Central Saint Martins
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Steve  Radmall


Name and job title

Steve Radmall, Specialist Technician working in 4D Post Production

Your background

I did a foundation at St Albans straight out of school, one of the best educational experiences of my life. Then I started a BA in Fine Art in Leicester - we did a trip to London during which I spent rather more time going to repertory cinemas than looking at Van Gogh: that was actually a forerunner of what I really wanted to do. After that I did a variety of jobs, everything from working in a car factory to running a clothes store in the Kings Road. I then got a job at the ICA and gradually began to work more as a projectionist and video technician…I was also able to meet and sometimes collaborate with many of the artists and filmmakers who passed through the ICA.

After building a bit of a portfolio of personal work I managed to get onto the Fine Art (Film) BA course at Central Saint Martins and subsequently did a year-long postgraduate diploma. After that I started to teach at Farnham College of Art as well as doing freelance work (lighting, camera, etc) as well as bits of teaching at CSM. I started as a full-time technician at CSM in the mid '90s, working on the Graphic Design course.

What do you love most about your job?

It's always interesting. There's always stuff to learn and in a way being able to work with the things you love most, in my case the technology of film, video, sound and its culture - and of course the constant challenge that students bring is quite enriching.

What's your favourite thing about Central Saint Martins?

My colleagues and the students.

Do you have a favourite part of your day?

Getting home from work… the hour or so of lounging about before preparing the evening meal.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Too many, too varied to mention.

What advice would you give to new students?

Personally I got an awful lot from using the library. I found using the college library was a wonderland of links and interests. In a way I'm not sure browsing the web provides that in the same way, something to do with the physical act of browsing, of moving through the library. I got a lot of my grounding as a kid simply reading newspapers and books and watching movies. When you're a student, you're also getting out there, going to parties, meeting new people, going to events. This is also one of the most absolutely formative and vital things of being in an environment like this at Central Saint Martins. You have to be curious and questioning all the time to get the most out of here - to question and make linkages.


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