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Rob Thompson

Senior Lecturer and Technical Studies Leader, BA Product Design
Central Saint Martins
Rob  Thompson


Over the past 12 years, I have worked as a designer on projects ranging from creating new products and materials through to multidisciplinary academic research. My books, which include Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals and Thames Hudson’s Manufacturing Guides series, have given me unprecedented insight into some of the most innovative factories and ground-breaking research from around the world.

Since graduating from Central Saint Martins with a first class honours degree I have been involved in the development of a range of products, with global clients including LG Electronics, P&G and Panasonic. I was a Principal Designer at Nokia and pioneered the company’s material-led design approach over four years, culminating in a gold International Design Excellence Award and gold IDSA award for Colour and Material Design Strategy, 2013.

I have undertaken academic research ranging from patient safety to sustainable development. My work on the redesign of the emergency ambulance, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council at the Royal College of Art, led to a complete rethink of the vehicle design and won Transport Design of the Year, 2012. I am a Senior Lecturer and Technical Studies Leader at Central Saint Martins.

Currently based in London, I have lived and worked in Helsinki and Beijing.


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