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Jonathan Barratt

Dean for Development and Quality
Central Saint Martins
Jonathan  Barratt


Prior to taking up my current role, I was Dean of the School of Communication, Product and Spatial Design and prior to that, of the School of Graphic and Industrial Design.

I am an Industrial Designer and deeply interested in how understandings of the relationships between people, things and context can fundamentally affect the process and outcomes of design. I believe passionately in the power of design to not only address problems, but create opportunities; economically, socially, culturally and politically.  Design as a catalyst for change as well as a way of creating meaning and value.

I feel tremendously privileged to work in a community with an ethos of challenging the prevailing ethic, renegotiating the boundaries between the subjects and the disciplines within which they practice.  Whilst closely related to industry, I see our goal as creating new generations of reflective practitioners who will lead their chosen professions in initiating change and playing a fundamental role in reshaping the world of tomorrow.

Reporting to the Head of College, I am responsible for:

Helping to align the College’s work in learning, creative practice, enterprise and research to provide the richest opportunities we can for students, colleagues and the wider world.

Co-ordinating student recruitment internationally and facilitating relationships with other universities, government agencies and commercial and not-for-profit organisations around the world.

Ensuring our courses are accessible to students, irrespective of their backgrounds, and that we do all we can to support students to fulfil their potential.

Quality Enhancement initiatives to improve learning and extending developmental opportunities for students through supporting colleagues in the academic, administrative and technical teams.

Academic Development to ensure the continued relevance and contemporary currency of the College’s portfolio of courses, academically and professionally.

Quality Assurance functions required through the University by national government agencies, funding and professional bodies.

To fulfil these responsibilities I work with a number of teams lead by three Associate Deans: Paul Haywood (Academic Development and Enhancement); Jonathan Carson (Student Experience and Enhancement); and Silke Lange (Learning, Teaching and Enhancement); and also Dr Joseph Wheeler (the College Director of International Development) and Geoff Rowe (the College Quality Manager).  I also work in close liaison with all the other senior managers and academics of the College.


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