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Joey O'Gorman

Research Affiliate, MA Art and Science.
Central Saint Martins
Joey  O'Gorman


I am interested in the use of drawing, speculation and gestural conversations in scientific research. These practices are not formally taught and conform to the one thing we truly know about scientific method, i.e. that it does not exist as a coherent whole. Before ideas ossify, adhering to prescribed formulations, they remain malleable - allowing complex, language-independent, interrogations of data and abductive reasoning. Through engaging with these dynamic aspects of science, I explore how alternative approaches to science can inform new understandings of biology.

Interaction with the MA Art and Science and other CSM researchers has allowed me to see first-hand the potential offered by fine art research, and to consider more deeply the challenges of working in an interdisciplinary field. Inviting research scientists to speak to MA Art and Science students has led to stimulating exchanges and helped both scientists and artists to confront alternative perspectives. In developing object handling workshops in collaboration with the UCL Science Collections I have fostered ongoing collaborations between CSM students and museum collections. My current research project Drawing Life, a Share Academyfunded collaboration with the Grant Museum of Zoology, also engages CSM students with a unique collection.


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