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Neil Chapman

Lecturer, MRes Art: Theory and Philosophy
Central Saint Martins
Neil  Chapman


My specialist interests include:

  • The potential in collective work — specifically collaborative writing process — for resistance to the ideologies of art worlds.
  • Writing practice in art as a new interrogation of the image; the practical question of what it might mean to identify diverse forms of visuality, what their relationships are in evolving processes of cultural production; literary concerns such as characterisation, emergent voice, narrative, and their potential when divested of conventional literary ambitions.
  • The evolving field of Art Research and the institutional pressures that come to bear; the proximity between certain branches of contemporary philosophical writing and writing in art practice.

Key publications

  • 'Earth Motifs, Shallow Designs, Outlands', an artists’ book written, edited and designed with Ola Ståhl, Landscapes Series, Malmö: Publication Studio 2013, ISBN 978-91-87577-03-1
  • 'Displacement Activities', newspaper publication written, edited and designed with David Stent comprising a series of fictions in response to 35mm slide images exchanged between the authors, published to coincide with 'Nancy Holt & Robert Smithson: England and Wales 1969' at John Hansard Gallery, Southampton (10th May – 17th August 2013) London: ScenesAventures 2013, ISBN 978-0-9544901-5-7
  • 'Protowork as Art’s Expanded Writing Practice', PhD in Fine Art Practice, University of Reading, 2011.
  • 'Glossolaris', an artist's book and proto-novel proposing and implementing new research procedures, London: AND Publishing 2010, ISBN 978-1-907840-03-6
  • ‘BLOODCRYSTALPOLLENSTAR', a chapter with Ola Ståhl for 'Deleuze & Contemporary Art', edited by Simon O’Sullivan & Stephen Zepke, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press 2010, ISBN-13 978-0748638376
  • 'The Ring Mechanism', an artist’s book, writing constraint used to develop divergent narratives, Chap Book series, London: Book Works 2004, ISBN 1 870699 71 8


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